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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


41. Chapter 40

8:45 PM
She hugged me as tight as she could.

Dawn: Please don't go.
Me: I have to. Besides, it's only for three days.

She pulled away, looking up at me with sad eyes.

Dawn: Easy for you to say. You're used to it.

She lowered her head, looking at the floor.

Me: Are you afraid your dad will search for you when I'm gone?

She nodded. I sighed, wrapping my arms around her.

New: He's not gonna hurt you. You have my mom and if he does anything, she'll call the police, you're gonna be fine.

I pulled away, looking into her eyes.

Dawn: It's only three days?
Me: Just three days. I promise.

I leaned down, gently kissing her lips.

Me: I love you.
Dawn: I love you, too.

I kissed her forehead, walking towards the plane. Three days without my girl. I hope I survive.

Normal POV

I watched him walk onto the plane, taking a deep breath. Three days without him. Three days without his arms wrapped around me. Three days without kissing him. I felt a hand on my shoulder, knowing it was Pattie.

Pattie: Come on. You have school in the morning.

I nodded, turning around and following her towards the exit.


February 21, 2012
7:45 AM
I walked through the front doors of the school, getting glares from almost every girl in school. I caught up with my friends, walking towards our lockers.

Me: What's with every single girl giving me glares?

They stared at me in disbelief as I opened my locker to retrieve my books.

Me: What?
Tori: The whole school knows you and Justin are together.

I chuckled, closing my locker. I turned around the face him, clutching my books to my chest.

Me: That's really funny, guys. Real funny.
Adriana: Dawn, we're not kidding. The whole school knows about you two.

My smile faded, realizing she wasn't lying.

Me: H-how?
Mia: Simple. If you two weren't together in the first place, none of this would have happened.

I gave her a look as we headed to homeroom.

Sky: So when Justin comes back, what are you gonna do?
Me: Either tell him not to come with me or handcuff our hands together.

Tori chuckled.

Adriana: You would do something like that.
Me: I can't have girls all over him. He's my boyfriend.

Just then, the bell rang for the school day to begin.

Justin's POV

I looked at the time. 5:00 PM. I sighed. School just started for her and by the time she has lunch, I'll be at the awards show. I miss her already. Ever since I left last night, I missed her.

?: Justin.

I turned around, seeing Scooter standing there.

Scooter: Come on.

I sighed, getting up from the couch.

Normal POV

It's lunch time and Justin just called me.

Justin: Hey, baby.
Me: Hey, Justin.
Justin: How's my favorite girl?
Me: Good. How's my favorite guy?
Justin: Never better.

I chuckled, looking down at the ground.

Justin: So how's school.

I rolled my eyes.

Me: Everyone's been giving me dirty looks.
Justin: Why?
Me: Cause they know we're dating.

There was silence on the end until I heard a thud.

Me: Justin?
Justin: Dawn, did you tell anyone about us besides your friends?
Me: No.

He let out a huff. I could imagine him running his fingers through his hair nervously.

Me: Do you think Selena had something to do with it?

He scoffed.

Justin: She doesn't even know we're together.
Me: But what if she did?
Justin: If she did, then she would have done something and she hasn't.
Me: What, you've been stalking her Twitter page?
Justin: No, I just know Selena very well.
Me: Look, just because you dated her for almost two years doesn't mean anything. She hates me, Justin, and if she knew we were together, she'd try to break us up.
Justin: Why would she break us up?
Me: Cause she doesn't want us together.

He sighed.

Justin: Look, Dawn, just ignore her. If she doesn't want USA together, then that's her problem. Just because other people don't appreciate our what we have doesn't mean anything. Nothing will separate us and I mean it. I love you.
Me: I love you, too.
Justin: I gotta go. I have to get back to the award show.
Me: Okay. Chat me later?
Justin: Of course.

I smiled.

Me: Love you.
Justin: Love you, too.
Me: Bye.
Justin: Bye.

I hung up just as the bell rang. I sighed, rowing out my trash as I walked back into the school.


Me: Pattie, I'm back!
Pattie: In the kitchen!

I threw my backpack down by the door as I took off my sneakers.

Me: I'm gonna go upstairs and chat with Justin!
Pattie: Okay!

I trued up the stairs with my iPad in my hands. As I walked up the stairs and towards Justin's room, my iPad beeped, telling me Justin was on. I smiled and flopped down onto his bed, opening my iPad. I accepted his request as his face appeared. His hair was lying down on the top of his head and he was shirtless.

Justin: Hey.
Me: Hey. Did you just take a shower?
Justin: Yeah. Did you just get home?
Me: Yeah.
Justin: How's school?

I made a face as he chuckled.

Justin: Not so well, I'm guessing.
Me: Every girl came up to me, telling me they were gonna take you from me. But I know you'd never leave me.

He smiled.

Justin: Don't worry about them. They don't know what they're getting themselves into.
Me: Tell me about it.
Justin: You're so cute.

My cheeks heated up, resulting in hiding my face.

Justin: Don't hide that beautiful face of yours from me.

My cheeks were probably on fire by now.

Me: Stop it!
Justin: I didn't know I could make you blush so hard.
Me: That's because I'm in love with you!

He chuckled, smiling. Just then, my phone went off. I glanced at it, seeing my mom was calling me.

Me: I gotta go. My mom's calling me.

His smile turned into a firm line.

Justin: I wouldn't answer that if it were you. What if it's your dad?

I bit my lip.

Justin: I'm not saying you shouldn't talk to her, but I have a feeling your dad could be trying to find you.

I shrugged.

Justin: Call her later and if your dad answers, then don't call your mom until I get back.

I nodded.

Author's POV

As the couple continued their iChat, Jordan gave Avery her phone back.

Jordan: Why won't she answer?
Avery: I don't know.
Justin: She's your daughter. Isn't it your job to know?
Avery: She's sixteen, Jordan. She's not a child anymore.
Jordan: I don't want her with that kid.
Avery: Why not? Is it because you don't want to see your daughter in love.

He scoffed.

Jordan: She doesn't know a thing about love.
Avery: She's very mature for her age, Jordan. She doesn't do stupid things normal teenagers do.
Jordan: All I know is she better not be sleeping with that boy.
Avery: She won't do that, Jordan. She knows better.
Jordan: Whatever. I'm going out.

With that, he stormed out of the house.

Jordan's POV

I'm an asshole. I keep telling myself to treat them right, but my anger keeps taking over. I don't like Justin, though. He seems like a troublemaker and I don't trust him. Not one bit. I need therapy. Maybe Avery was right. Maybe I need to be there for Dawn instead of pushing her farther away. I'll get therapy, but I won't let her see him. I don't care if she's in love with him or not.

Normal POV

Just as I got off with Justin, since he needed his sleep, I called my mom. Instantly, she picked up.

Mom: Dawn, are you okay?
Me: Mom, I'm fine.

She sighed in relief.

Me: Mom, what's going on?
Mom: Your dad said he was going out and I wanted to make sure...
Me: He's not here.
Mom: Good. How's Justin?
Me: He's good. He's in Europe right now, but he told me he'll be back by Thursday.
Mom: Oh, okay.
Me: What's up with dad?
Mom: Honestly, I think he's worried about you.

I scoffed.

Me: How could he be worried about me? He doesn't even care about me.
Mom: Just because he hurt you doesn't mean he doesn't care about you.
Me: Yes it does. Plus, he threw Justin out because we were kissing. He didn't even talk to him.
Mom: I understand that, but you have to remember he was just released from prison. He's not used to you having a boyfriend yet.

I sighed, resting my head on Justin's pillow.

Mom: Give him a month or two and he'll probably be okay with you two dating.
Me: I doubt that.

There was silence on the other end until I head a door open.

Mom: That's your father. I'll call you tomorrow.
Me: Okay.
Mom: Love you.
Me: Love you, too.
Mom: Bye.
Me: Bye.

I hung up, sitting up in bed.

Pattie: Dawn, dinner's ready!
Me: Coming!

I got up from the bed and walked out of Justin's room, shoving my phone into my pocket.

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