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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


23. Chapter 22

*12:45 PM*
We walked through the doors of Toronto Eaton Centre, the largest mall in Toronto. Justin had a hat and a hood on, trying not to get noticed by other people in the mall. We walked into a toy store, looking around.

Me: Does Jazzy like stuffed animals?
Justin: Yeah. She hasn't so many of them.

I nodded, looking around. I found a stuffed lady bug in the stuffed animal section. I picked it up, turning around to show Justin.

Me: Do you think she'll like it?
Justin: She doesn't have that one, so maybe.

I nodded.

Me: What did you get her?
Justin: A leather jacket.

I shook my head.

Justin: What? My little sister can't have swag?

I rolled my eyes.

Me: Alright, let's pay for this.
Justin: What about Jaxon?
Me: I can get him a SpongeBob tee.

He nodded as we walked up to the counter.


Justin's POV

We walked into Gap, looking around for a SpongeBob shirt for Jaxon. When we found one, I also found a black hoodie in the women's section. She told me she didn't have one. When she paid for the shirt, I paid for the hoodie. We both walked out, heading to a music store.

Dawn: Your dad likes rock music, right?
Me: Yeah.
Dawn: Do you know the bands he likes?

I shrugged.

Me: I never really asked him.

She nodded as we walked into the music store.

Me: Why did you ask, anyways?
Dawn: Cause I listen to some rock music and I wanted to know what bands he listens to.

She walked towards the rock section. I never knew she listened to rock music.

Author's POV

She looked through the rock CD's, looking for any band name she thought Jeremy would like. From U2 to Daughtry, she looked and looked and looked.

While she was searching for a CD for Jeremy, Justin was on the other side of the store, searching through graphic tees. He found a red shirt with his face on it and laughed. It was his first time seeing a shirt with his name on it in a store. Dawn heard him laugh and walked walked over to him, a Rolling Stones CD in her hand.

Dawn: What are you laughing at?

He pointed at the shirt in front of him. She chuckle, playfully hitting his arm.

Dawn: You would be the one to find that.

He looked down at her hands, seeing the Rolling Stones CD.

Justin: So you found what you were looking for?
Dawn: Yep.
Justin: Okay.

They walked up to the counter, paid for the CD, and walked out.

Normal POV

He took my hand in his as we walked towards Victoria's Secret.

Me: So what did you get your mom?
Justin: A diary.

I looked at him.

Justin: She never had one as a child to write her feelings in, so I got her one.
Me: That's nice you got her one.
Justin: Yeah.

We walked into Victoria's Secret, heading to the swimsuit section.

Justin: So what did you get for your mom?
Me: A Pandora charm bracelet.

His eyes went wide.

Justin: How could you get the money for that?
Me: I worked very hard at my job to get her that.

He nodded.

Justin: What charms did you get her?
Me: A chef's hat because she likes to cook, an angel to remind her she has God's protection, red hearts because her favorite color's red, and the number ninety-five to remind her the year I was born.

I let go of his hand, walking over to the swimsuits.

Justin: You really love your mom, don't you?
Me: I mean, she's been there for me from my birth. I can't treat her like crap when she was always there for me.

I picked up a blue and purple striped bikini. I put it back down, looking at another one. I saw a black and white one, picking it up.

Justin: What are you looking for?
Me: A swimsuit.
Justin: Why?

I turned around, looking up at him.

Me: Well, next month we're going to Miami, right?
Justin: Yeah.
Me: I need a swimsuit, don't I?
Justin: I suppose.
Me: Exactly.

He bit his lip.

Justin: How about that one?
He pointed to something behind me. I turned around, seeing what he was pointing at. I saw a purple bikini with a studded heart on the side of the bottom piece. I picked it up, looking at Justin. He wrapped his arms around my waist, his chin resting on my shoulder.

Justin: You'd look good in that.

I smiled as he kissed my cheek.

Justin: Hell, you look good in everything.

He kissed my cheek again then let me go.

Me: Let's get this one.

I turned around, walking with him to the counter.


I sat down on the bed, putting the bags on the side.

Justin: So you got your gifts for everyone?
Me: Yep.
Justin: Good.

He took my hands in his, rubbing the top of them with his thumb.

Justin: Anything else you need to do today?

I shook my head.

Justin: Good, cause we're going ice skating.

My eyes went wide.

Me: We are?
Justin: Yeah. Just you and me.

I smiled.

Me: When?
Justin: Tonight at seven.

I removed my hands from him, putting them around his neck.

Me: So I'm guessing this is a date?

He put his hands on my hips.

Justin: Somewhat. And you can just wear your normal clothes.
Me: Okay.
?: Dawn.

I looked at the door, seeing Jazzy standing there.

Me: Yeah, Jazzy?
Jazzy: Can we watch TV?

I got up from the bed, walking over to her.

Me: What do you want to watch?
Jazzy: Backyawdigans!

I smiled.

Me: Sure.

I picked her up, setting her on my hip as I turned to look at Justin.

Me: Just...don't do anything stupid.

Before he could say anything, I walked out of the room.

Justin's POV

When she walked out of the room, my phone went off. I took it out of my pocket, seeing my mom was calling me. I answered.

Me: Hey, mom.
Mom: Hey, Justin. How's your dad?
Me: He's good.
Mom: What does he think of Dawn?
Me: He likes her.
Mom: That's good. Have you watched the news lately?
Me: No, why?
Mom: You might want to.

I turned on the TV, seeing a picture of Dawn and I hugging at the mall.

"Justin Bieber was spotted at the mall, hugging a girl. Are they just friends or is Justin cheating on Selena?"

I rolled my eyes, cutting off the TV.

Mom: Did you see it?
Me: Yeah.
Mom: Be careful next time.
Me: I will.
Mom: Okay. I gotta go. Avery and I are doing something.
Me: Okay.
Mom: Bye.
Me: Bye.

I hung up, falling back onto the bed. Thank God we weren't caught kissing.

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