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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


14. Chapter 13

*December 7, 2011 ~ 10:30 AM*
I trudged down the stairs, wearing black skinny jeans, a white dress shirt, black and white Converse, and the black leather jacket I always wore. My hair was in a side braid  and the cross necklace was around my neck. Today's the day my mom's coming to Canada. Plus, Justin and I are going to the Avon Theatre later on.

I plopped onto the couch, turning on the TV. SpongeBob showed on the screen, taking me roll my eyes and change the channel.

Justin's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing beside me. I groaned as I rolled onto my stomach, grabbing my phone. It is too damn early. I looked at caller ID,  Scooter's number on the screen. I rolled my eyes and answered, putting the phone to my ear.

Me: What?
Scooter: Send her home.

I sat up in the bed.

Me: Excuse me?
Scooter: You heard me.
Me: And I already told you. She's staying.
Scooter: I don't want someone like her around you.

I slowly got out of bed.

Me: What do you mean 'someone like her'?
Scooter: She's changing you, Justin. Ever since you met her, you haven't focused on your work.
Me: And? I still got my album out on time, right?

He didn't answer.

Me: Exactly.

I hung up, tossing my phone onto the bed. I hit my head on the wall. Why doesn't anyone want us together? I looked at the time, noticing it was almost 10:45. It's not really early, but it seemed like it was. Probably because I went to bed late. I shrugged and walked towards the bathroom.

Normal POV

Turning off the TV, I got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen. I saw Pattie in the kitchen making breakfast. I sat down at the table, taking my phone out.

Me: Morning, Pattie.

She turned around and smiled at me.

Pattie: Morning.

I put an ear bud in, listening to Next 2 You. I even started singing along.

You got that smile that only heaven can make
I pray to God everyday that you keep that smile
Yeah, you are my dream, there's not a thing I won't do
I'll give my life up for you cause you are my dream

I turned towards the living room, seeing Justin standing there. I took the ear bud out, stopping my music.

Justin: You could have kept singing.
Me: But I didn't want to.

He walked into the kitchen as I began wrapping my headphones around my phone. He sat down across from me.

Justin: Why not?
Me: Because it's early in the morning.
Justin: It's only 10:45.
Me: Still.

Pattie placed a plate of food in front of us.

Me: So what time are we going to the Avon Theatre?
Justin: 11:30.

I nodded as Pattie sat down next to us.

Pattie: Justin, your grandparents and I are going Christmas shopping today and we'll be gone most of the day.

He nodded as we prayed and ate.


We're at the Y where Ryan and Chaz told Justin to meet them. Justin opened my door, but I wouldn't get out.

Justin: What's wrong?

I looked at him, taking a deep breath.

Me: I think it's best if you hang out with your friends today.
Justin: But...
Me: Justin, you came here for the holidays to get a break. This of this as a break from me.
Justin: But...

I got out of the car, walking away from him.

Me: Just think about it. You need some time away from me.

I didn't want to, but he needs some time from me. I understand he wants to make up the time he missed, but let's face it. It's for the best.


It's been a while since I left Justin to play with his friends. Pattie and her parents went Christmas shopping, so I'm here by myself. My phone went off in my pocket. I took it out, seeing my mom's number appear and answered.

Me: Hi, mom.
Mom: Hi, sweetie. How's Stratford?
Me: It's okay. No offense to Justin or anything, but LA's better.

She chuckled.

Mom: I have a surprise for you.

I got up from the couch.

Me: Really?
Mom: Yeah. Go to the front door.

I went to the front door. I opened it, seeing my mom standing there. I hung up the phone.

Me: MOM!

I embraced her in hug.

Mom: Hey, sweetie.

I let her go as I walked back into the house with her following me.

Me: When did you get here?
Mom: A few minutes ago. I wanted to surprise you.
Me: And you did.

I closed the door behind her.

Mom: Where's everyone else?
Me: Pattie and her parents went early Christmas shopping and Justin's playing with his friends.

I sat down on the couch, putting my phone in my pocket.

Mom: Why aren't you with him?
Me: I suggested he need to spend more time with his friends.
Mom: But I thought you liked him.
Me: I do, but...we can't be so attached. We're just friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend.
Mom: But what if you were?
Me: Then it'd be different.

Just then, the door opened. I looked at the door, seeing Justin walked though the threshold. His eyes met mine as a small smile appeared.

Justin: Hey.
Me: Hey.

He saw my mom, closing the door behind him.

Justin: Hey, Avery.
Mom: Hi, Justin.
Justin: When did you get here?
Mom: Just a few minutes ago.

He nodded as his eyes met mine.

Justin: Dawn, can we talk?

I bit my lip, slowly getting up from the couch. I followed him up the stairs and into his room.

Justin: Why did you tell me I should spend more time with my friends?

Way to throw questions at me, Justin.

Me: Because you haven't seen them in a while and you deserve to spend more time with them instead of spending every second with me.
Justin: But that's why I brought you here.
Me: Justin, we spent every day with each other for two months straight. It stopped because Scooter wanted you to spend more time with Selena and get your work done.
Justin: I wanted to make it up to you, though.
Me: I understand that, but we don't need to be around each other every second.
Justin: But I want to be around you every second.
Me: Why? Is it because you want to know what goes on every second of my life?
Justin: No, why would you think that?
Me: Cause it seems like you are.

I tried to walk past him, but he pulled me back.

Justin: I want to spend every second without you because...
Me: Because...
Justin: Because...

There was a short awkward silence. It was short because I broke it.

Me: Justin, just tell me.

He shook his head, his hands dropping from mine.

Justin: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

With that, he walked past me and out of the room. What's that supposed to mean?

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