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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


12. Chapter 11

*December 6, 2011 ~ 1:30 PM*
We finally got to Canada after two long weeks of Justin's performances and interviews. Justin and I walked off the bus, Kenny carrying our bags. Scooter flew back to Atlanta the day Justin's interviews ended. I'm guessing he didn't want to be around me anymore. *Sigh*

We walked through the front door of his grandparents' house. We'll be there with Pattie until Justin performs in Massey Hall, when we go to his dad's.

Justin: Grandma, grandpa, we're here.

I saw a woman and a man coming from the kitchen. They looked to be in their fifties or sixties. The woman - I'm guessing his grandma - came in the living room and hugged Justin. He hugged back, then let go.

Justin: Grandma...

She let go of him.

?: Sorry. It's been so long.

She looked at me, smiling.

?: And who's this beautiful young lady?
Justin: This is Dawn.
?: Is she your new girlfriend?

Justin's face went red when she said that.

Justin: No! Um...I mean, she's just a friend.
Pattie: For now.

I bit my lip, trying not to laugh. Justin rolled his eyes.

Me: Nice to meet you.
?: It's nice to meet you, too. Oh, and the name's Diane.
Me: Easy to remember.

She smiled. His grandpa, I'm guessing, walked towards us. Justin hugged his grandpa and then broke the hug.

Justin: Good to see you, grandad.
?: Good to see you, too.

He noticed me.

?: Who's the lovely lady?

I could get used to this.

Justin: Her name's Dawn.
Me: Nice to meet you.
?: Nice to meet you, too. Is this your first time in Stratford?
Me: Yeah.
?: Well, I'm sure Justin wouldn't mind showing you around.
Justin: I was planning on doing that tomorrow, since we just got here.
?: Okay. Oh, and I'm Bruce, by the way.

I nodded.

Diane: Why don't you two share Justin's old room?
Justin: Good, cause I don't want her screaming in the middle of the night because of a nightmare.

He wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me close to him. My cheeks grew hot, making me hide my face in his shoulder.

All: Aw.
Me: Shut up.

Pulling away from Justin, I ran up the stairs. I looked behind me, seeing Justin following me.

Justin: Where are you going?

I shrugged and got to the top of the staircase.

Justin: Come on.

He grabbed my hand, pulling me down the hall. He pulled me down the hall towards a door. When we came to the door, he opened it as we walked inside. I looked around the room, spotting pictures of Justin when he was younger and maple leaves were everywhere. I walked over to his bed, sitting down on it.

Justin: It hasn't changed ever since I left to start my new life.

I turned towards him.

Me: Do you ever get homesick?

He sat down next to me.

Justin: Yeah, but whenever I do, I either call my friends and family or I book a flight here.

I nodded.

Justin: So what was that song you sang a few weeks back?
Me: It's called Beautiful and it's a duet.
Justin: It's not a duet if it's just one person singing it.
Me: It's for a girl and a guy to sing together.
Justin: I'll try it with you, if you want.
Me: You don't have to.

He took my hand in his.

Justin: But I want to.

I bit my lip and sighed.

Me: Let me get my notebook and guitar.

He smiled.

Justin: Our stuff's still downstairs.
Me: I know.

I put a hand on his head, messing up his hair. I got up and ran towards the door.

Justin: Hey!

I winked at him as I ran out.

Justin's POV

I shook my head as she walked out of the room. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I took it out, seeing a text from Ryan.

'Heard you're back. Meet me at the YMCA?' - Ryan

I replied almost instantly.

'Sure. You don't mind if I bring a friend, do you?' - Justin

'Not at all.' - Ryan

I shoved my phone in my pocket and stood up, walking towards the door. As soon as I opened the door, I was knocked to the floor. I groaned as I hit my head against the floor. I looked up and saw Dawn's dark brown eyes in front of me. She blinked a few times then pushed herself off of me. She helped me up by grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet.

Dawn: I'm so sorry about that.
Me: It's okay.

She put her guitar case down.

Me: I'm going to the YMCA to play some ball. You in?

She smiled.

Dawn: I haven't played for a while.
Me: So is that a yes?

She nodded.

Dawn: Let me just change into some sweats.

She turned to leave when grabbed her wrist, pulling her back. She spun around, her hands landing on my chest.

Normal POV

My hands landed on his chest as my eyes met his. His hand rested on my cheek, caressing it with his thumb.

Justin: You look perfect to me.

With that, he started leaning in. My heart rate quickened as his lips inched closer to mine. I hesitated before leaning in as well. Our lips gently brushed against each other's as we looked into each other's eyes. I bit my lip and pulled away, his hand dropping from my cheek.

Me: W-we going.
Justin: Yeah.

I turned around and walked out of the room with him behind me. I can't believe we almost kissed.


Justin's POV

I can't believe we almost kissed. Sure, our lips touched, but we were so close to kissing. Why did she pull away? I know she loves me, but...why would she avoid a kiss from me? Is it because she doesn't think I feel the same way or because she never had her first kiss? I'll find out.

Right now, I'm sitting on the bleachers with my friends, watching Dawn shoot some baskets on her own. Sweat soaked my shirt as I chugged down some water.

?: You like her, don't you?

I put the water bottle down and looked to my left.

Me: What do you mean?
Chaz: It's obvious, Justin.
Ryan: The way you look at her.
Chaz: It's like she makes you the happiest man in the world.

I sighed.

Me: I don't know.

I looked at my hands.

Me: Whenever I was with Selena, it felt wrong. The whole relationship felt wrong. Around Dawn, it's like the world around us has disappeared.
Ryan: Man, it sounds like you're in love with her.

I looked at them.

Me: If I was, would you tell me she's no good for me?

They both looked at me weird.

Chaz: Dude, why do you think we'd tell you she's not good for you? She's a cool girl.
Me: I know, but my manger doesn't like her and he thinks she's just a waste of space.
Ryan: Well, your manager's wrong. If I were you, I'd go for it regardless what anyone says.

Normal POV

I walked over to the guys, the basketball in my hands.

Me: Are we gonna play or what?

Ryan and Chaz pushed Justin off the bleachers.

Ryan: You two should play a game.
Me: Why do you say that?
Ryan: No reason.

He sat back on the bleachers. I rolled my eyes.

Justin: You don't have to play me if you don't want to.
Me: I'm just bored.

My stomach growled.

Justin: Seems like you're more than bored.

I shrugged.

Justin: You want to grab something to eat?
Me: Sure.

He turned to the guys, waving them over. They got up from the bleachers and made their way over to us.

Justin: Dawn and I are going to Tim Horton's. You guys in?
Chaz: Nah. We gotta catch up on our game.

I rolled my eyes. Typical guys.

Justin: Oh. Okay.

They both turned around and walked away.

Me: I think they did that so we could spend time together.
Justin: Same here.

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