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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 30 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


11. Chapter 10

*November 23, 2011 ~ 9:30 AM*
It's an hour until Justin goes on stage. We're in the green room right now, just chilling. Scooter wanted me to stay back while Justin was performing, but Justin refused to perform if I didn't tag along. Honestly, I think Scooter hates me. He never wants me around Justin and whenever I tag along, he glares at me.

Justin and I are sitting on the couch.

Justin: Can I see your phone?
Me: Why?
Justin: Cause I want to.

I rolled my eyes and pulled my phone out of my pocket. He grabbed it out of my hands and opened my diary app.

Me: Hey!
Justin: Shouldn't have given me your phone.

I reached for it as he began to read an entry. He held it out of my reach as he kept reading my diary.

Me: Give it back!
Justin: Wait, I'm not done.

I reached for it, making him roll off the couch. I rolled on top of him, my eyes meeting his. We stared at each other for a moment, silence filling the room. His hand met my cheek, caressing it gently with his thumb. I blinked a few times, then got off of him, biting my lip nervously.

Me: Um...

He sat up, handing me my phone.

Justin: Here.

I took it from his hand and shoved it in my pocket.

Justin: Sorry I took your phone.
Me: It's fine.

I got up off the floor, sitting back on the couch.

Justin: I gotta get dressed and go on stage. I'll be back afterwards, okay?

I nodded. He kissed my cheek and got up, running off. I put my hand on my cheek and smiled as he walked out of the room.

?: You like him, don't you?

I turned around and saw Pattie.

Me: Yeah. I do.

I looked down at my hands.

Me: But Scooter doesn't want me near him.
Pattie: Ignore him. He doesn't know what he's talking about.
Me: Yes he does.

I stood up, walking around the room.

Me: Everything he says about me is true.
Pattie: No it's not. He doesn't understand you.
Me: He just hates me.

I rested my head on the wall.

Me: I like Justin. A lot. It's possible I could be in love with him.

She sighed, resting a hand on my shoulder.

Pattie: If you're in love with my son, then you'll do anything just to see him.

I nodded.

*3:00 PM*

I fell back onto the bed, covering my face with a pillow. Justin's at an interview and he will be for this whole week. Plus, next week, he'll be performing in Time Square and on Dancing with the Stars. So, I won't be spending much time with him. I sighed and rolled onto my stomach.

Filler Chapter. Sorry for the shortness.

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