Catch Me

Hey ya guys,I'm not good with these little resumes,so you'll just have to read on your own.BTW,I changed the title from "Teach Me" to "Catch Me"
Sorry if this caused any confusion!


1. Introduction

 Hi,I'm the author,Penguin Unifish.I'm new here at Movellas. I'm probably boring you to death,so I'll just skip most of this.This is Teach Me,but I'm not gonna tell you what happens.Just read to find out. This is a fanfic about Ashton Irwin,so I put it under the One Direction category.Don't hate me please! Here's some info about the characters:

Brenna Smith:

She is 5,6"

She's 16 (and a half)

Her eyes are green with a dash of light brown.

She's kind,but somewhat dorky.

She has medium length brown hair that is almost always in a braid.


Ashton Irwin:

He is 6 feet.

He's 17

His eyes are sea green

He's popular,but not the kind of popular you'd expect him to be.

He has brown hair that is flipped to the left and always poofed.

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