Catch Me

Hey ya guys,I'm not good with these little resumes,so you'll just have to read on your own.BTW,I changed the title from "Teach Me" to "Catch Me"
Sorry if this caused any confusion!


3. Chapter Two

Brenna's P.O.V.

   I pulled into Ashton's driveway in my red Honda Civic.His house was fairly large,and he had a huge front deck.

I trudged up the stairs and knocked on the door.A boy that was most likely Ashton's brother answered.


"SHUT IT HARRY!"I heard someone yell from upstairs.No doubt it was Ashton.I smiled as he rushed downstairs in glasses and a Lone Star t-shirt.I had to admit,he was a pretty cute guy.

"Come on in"He told me,a smile plastered on his face.

No,no,no!He has dimples! I thought to myself.Dimples were my weakness.

I sat on the sofa,opening my book to page 491.He did the same.

"Okay,let's start with the homework that Mr.Malik assigned for tonight"I said,pulling out a pencil and piece of paper.Ashton nodded and pulled out his notebook.

 We finished the homework in about an hour,and then just talked for the rest of the night.We seemed to get along really well,and we could relate to each other.He was so sweet,and it was only day one,but I was already falling for him.

Ashton's P.O.V.

 Brenna connected to me,I could feel it.She had the prettiest eyes;a sparkling green with a dash of brown.And her lips had the perfect shape.I couldn't help but stare at her.She never noticed,so that was OK,I guess.

 The night came to an end,but that was OK.We were able to see each other the next day.

 "Call me if you need another tutor session"She told me as she opened the door to her car.She climbed in and stood in the doorway,waving goodbye.She pulled out and drove home.

 I went to bed that night,with Brenna on my mind.She was so beautiful,and I must admit that I did get a little bit of flirting in that day.I mean,I don't have a girlfriend anymore,so what's the harm in that?


Sorry,guys,I forgot to mention in my last Author's Note that I'm holding the contest for Ashton's ex girlfriend.SORRY!

Anyways,sorry for the sucky chapter.It will get better(I hope)

Thank you for reading,my little monsters!*


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