Catch Me

Hey ya guys,I'm not good with these little resumes,so you'll just have to read on your own.BTW,I changed the title from "Teach Me" to "Catch Me"
Sorry if this caused any confusion!


4. Chapter Three

Ashton's P.O.V.                                                                                                                                                    The way she looked at me that night,right at that moment,I knew I wouldn't forget it.She was so beautiful,and I was crushing on her,but I couldn't help it!I mean,we only knew each other for a day,but I knew that I loved her...Cheesy,I know,I know.But when she smiled at me,a voice went off in my head saying,

  "You love her,so go for it.Don't be afraid of rejection"But I decided I'd wait a while before asking her out.

  Brenna's P.O.V.

  "He likes you,he likes you not...He likes you,he likes you not"I said to myself as I picked petals off of a flower.I was sitting on the grass in my backyard,staring up at the sky.It had been such a boring day, nothing but homework.Abnormally,I liked school,it was an escape from home.My home was dark place...Nevermind that,though.

   Since that day was so boring,I decided to text Ashton. I pulled out my phone and typed in a message to him.Just a simple "Hey" Eh,it was the best I had.

   A few minutes later,I got a reply:

"Hey,how are you?"I quickly replied,

"Eh,I'm a little bored,you?"And then we had a little conversation,I mean that's what usually happens when you text,though.

"How 'bout you come over here?I've got the serious case of 'boreditis' too. :)"I smiled and sent back,

"I'm on my way"


Hey,monsters!These first chapters are sooooooooo sucky and I'm really sorry...Do you hate me?Anyways,there was only one person who commented for the "Girlfriend Competition",and that was my friend Ashton,so I guess Ashton's(Irwin) ex girlfriend will be BearyStyles,sorry everyone!*

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