Catch Me

Hey ya guys,I'm not good with these little resumes,so you'll just have to read on your own.BTW,I changed the title from "Teach Me" to "Catch Me"
Sorry if this caused any confusion!


2. Chapter One

                             Brenna's P.O.V.

     I grabbed my Mathematics book from my locker and rushed to Mr. Malik's classroom.I had never been late before, but being my usual clumsy self,I tripped over my own foot on my way here,and what do you know? I'm late.

 I opened the door to room 542 as Mr. Malik did role call.I sat down at my desk,tossing my books under the chair.All eyes landed on me.I sunk down in my chair,wanting to be left alone.I wasn't much for attention.

 I pushed my glasses up on my nose,trying to concentrate on the lesson.We were revisiting a subject for the test the next week.This was my least favorite lesson to learn,it was too easy.

Ashton's P.O.V.

 I began to doze off as Mr.Malik droned on and on about the upcoming test.I tapped my pencil on my desk,waiting for the hour to end.I really did not like this class.

  I was about asleep when the bell rang.I picked up my books ready to stand when Mr.Malik started speaking.

 "I need Ashton Irwin and Brenna Smith to stay after class!"He called as he organized his papers.I stood up and walked over to his desk,followed by a small girl.She was hugging her books to her chest.

"Ashton,"Mr.Malik started."You're falling behind in this class"I nodded."I've spoken with your mother and we decided that it would be best if you had a tutor." I looked at Mr.Malik."I've talked with Brenna here,and she's agreed to help you out"He gestured to the girl beside me.I smiled at her.

"Hi"I offered my hand out for her to shake.She gently took my hand and shook it.

"H-hi"She mumbled.


Hi!How'd you guys like the first chapter?I thought that I'd throw in Mr.Malik because it's in the One Direction section,and Zayn said he'd like to be a teacher soooooooo......

Anyways,I need one part for the story.It's Ashton's girlfriend,but she's kinda mean,but comment if you want the part.I'll be choosing randomly.*

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