Horan is hope

Niall found his princess Whitney found her savor


9. chapter 9

So when I woke up Niall was still asleep so I carefully got up and went down down stairs to make breakfast when I walked down the stairs to the kitchen Harry was there drinking some brew " morning Harry " I said " hey where Niall" he said " he still asleep" I said " it's nice that Niall found someone he has tried to find a girl but most of the girls out there ether scream or blow air in are face and they aren't the easiest to get to know better" he said we'll that's true like I'm a fan but I only scream once " oh and he is a lucky guy to have you I think you will fit him perfectly" he said " thank you and I know you will find a girl for you to" I said " thank you Whitney " he said " so what kinda girls do you like" I said " we'll she has to be a girl, I like some girls with red hair, and green eyes, but really all I won't from a girl is them to be there self around me you know " he said " I'm sure we could find the one for you" I said I knew I would then Niall came done " moring sweetie " he said kissing me in the cheek " morin" I say handing him his French toast and eggs "so I think we should all have a night out and go to the club" I say because I want to go there and find the right girl for Harry " I guess we could " he says stuffing his mouth with his food " then it's settled we are all going to the club tonight" I say and walk upstairs to see what I should wear and I decide to wear a black spaghetti strap dress with a lace around the chest and black heels I lay them on the chest in the closet and take a shower as I get out Niall is on the toilet I give a Shrek showing that he sacred me " sorry " he says wiping as I look away " oh it's okay don't worry about it" i say in a calm voice as leaves the room as I get out I put on jeans and a sweat shirt for now and dry my hair and put it in a bun and put a Bandana on my head as a head band as I walk out Niall is in the closet looking at the dress I'm going to wear " now I'm really exited for tonight" he says " me too but I mostly I did it for Harry " I say " what the dress or going to the club" he says in frown and a confusing look on his face "the club silly your the only one I would wear that dress for I'm going to the club to find him a girl" I say and he sighs in relief " so why all of the finding harry a girl" he said " we'll when I came down this morin he was sad because if it and I couldn't help but help him" like his my friend, friends help each other " ya that makes sense" he says I'm glad he understands so as the day goes on it's about five so we decide to leave I go upstairs and put on my black dress and I decide to wear black tights under my dress and put on my black heels when I walk out I go in the bath room curl my hair and put on my makeup not a lot just powder and eyeliner and some mascara as I walk out Niall's on the bed and he has in jeans a white shirt with a leather jacket he look so hot " wow you look...beautiful" he says as he scans my body " you don't look bad your self " I say as I grab a beige purse that Niall got me and we left. So minutes later when we got there we dance and I brought up almost ever girl in there and harry doesn't seem to like them " I give up" I say exhausted as I sit down and harry chuckles so do I " harry?" and red head girl says " Lauren what are u doing here" he says looking around "don't worry his not here and we broke up he was to aggressive " she says " HARRY I FOUND YOU!!!!" A tall buff man walks in and harry is frozen

Harry P.O.V

I was frozen the girl I like is here and she broke up with that guy and here he is about to kill me as he walks closer Lauren stands in front off him to stop him and he picks her up by the throat and trows her aside and I get up from the table as Whitney walks to Lauren to help her " STAY AWAY FRON HER YOU BITCH !!" He says to Whitney as he picks her up by the chest part of her dress and slaps her and Niall rush over and punches him as he drops Whitney on the floor and she goes back to Lauren not caring what he will do her and he try's to punch Niall but Niall ducks in time and I work up the courage to fight my own fight so I walk over there and tap him on the shoulder and as he turns around I punch him In the jaw and he try punching me but I run over to the bar and he picks up a metal bar and he swings it but I duck and he knocks over all the wine glass and bottle off the table right now ever one is in the back watching me I glacé over in the Corner and u see Whitney siting next to Lauren with a ice pack one her head and her eyes closed and I realize that I'm doing this for her that beautiful girl I laid my eyes on so I kick him in the balls and he drops the metal bar so I grab it a smack him with it tell his on the ground begging for mercy then As I look up ever one claps and I rush over to Lauren a pick her up bridal style and carry her to the car and Niall Whitney follow me and we drive home.as we get home I walk in side and set her on the couch and Whitney goes get the first aid kit and as she walks back in she and Niall sit Down on the coffee table " Liam zayn and Louis are at the movies right know so ya" Niall says and Lauren comes to

Where am I ? What happen? Where's harry? She says and sits up and I put my hand over hers

" you are a Niall's house and u got beat up by you ex-boyfriend and I'm right here" I say and I kiss her on the forehead

" oh what happen did he hurt you tell me" she says worried

" don't worry about me I'm fine but what happened was he came in hurt u and I taught him a lesson " I say and she smiles In Relief

I look a Whitney and her cheek is bruised " oh are u ok Whitney he hit u hard" I say look at the bruise then Niall looks at it a rubs it with his thumb " ya I'm fine" she lies " wait he hurt you too" she says a frowns " ugh I hate him he hurts anyone who come within two feet away from me" she says and looks down "why" I say " cause he said he would hurt anyone within two feet away from me" she says

" we'll his gonna have to come her and stop me then cause I think I'm in love" I say and her cheeks turn red her green eyes are so Beautiful and I want to be with her for the rest of my life. " so do you have a house" Whitney said " we'll yay but I don't want to go there cause rock might be there" she said I didn't know the rock could get this aggressive " that's ok you can stay here " I said " thx " she said " we'll we are going to go upstairs " Niall said and Whitney and them go upstairs " come on sleep on my bed and not this couch" I said and she nod and followed me up stairs to my room and yay we all have a room here " here sleep on my bed" I said " I can't just take your bed and your room" she said " don't worry I'm sleeping with you" I said and she was confused " NOT THAT WAY I'm sleeping on this sofa bed" I said and she went in the bed and she fell asleep and she was so adorable asleep so I got on the sofa and fell asleep

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