Horan is hope

Niall found his princess Whitney found her savor


6. chapter 6

Whitney p.o.v

We went to so many shops I haven't every seen before the only store I've been to was a gas station we found tons of clothes but I didn't want him to spend money on me "you didn't have to spend your money one me" I said " i want to make you happy" he said then kissed me on the cheeks I blushed "do you want something to eat " he said "sure" I said then he walked into this sandwich store "stay here" he said so I sat at the table "hey sexy " someone said I looked up and there was a guy "go away" I said getting up from my chair "no let's make some sparks fly he said push against the wall pushinghe's lips on mine then Niall came out and he saw me struggle to get free so he then came over pushed the guy on the ground and and started punching him I didn't know what to do I stood there in shook then I look over and he stop then the guy stood up and he ran off. I still just stood there "are you ok" he said hugging me "yeah yeah I just I don't want to leave you again" I said hugging him and not letting him go the he had his arm over my shoulder and we walked home

Niall P.O.V

I didn't want to leave her out of my sight so once we got home all the boys ran to us cause Whitney was crying "what happened " Zayn said "let's just not talk about it" I said then she sat on the couch I sat next to her I wiped her tears away and she claimed down then Louis came in with some brew for her "thanks" she said and smiled at him "so what happened out there"Liam said "just some local peace of s**t he went for her and I took him down" I said with mad a hate in my eyes "Harry you ok you been silent scenes you got back"Louis said "back from where"I said "he went to the club" "it just maybe I talked to a girl danced with her and then she told me she had a boyfriend and he said I will pay" Harry said in fear "we'll people say thing they don't mean" I said "maybe your right" Harry said now seem like every thing was fine but I wasn't going to let any boy go near Whitney she meant every thing to me .

Harry p.o.v

I was scared cause I didn't tell them all of it once we danced and talked I went in for a kiss then she told me she had a boyfriend and he was buff and he also said wait till tonight I was just being paranoid right ya I just need to let it go

Whitney P.O.V

I loved him so much and after everyone was done they went upstairs to bed but me and Niall stayed then he started to kiss me and it didn't stop tell about now but it was like 30 sec long so " will you go out with me" he said I was so happy he said that "yes" I said this was the happiness moment of my life I was going out with the most handsome guy I ever saw and I new my life will get better then my head fell on his chest and I fell asleep.

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