Horan is hope

Niall found his princess Whitney found her savor


5. chapter 5

Whitney P.O.V

When I woke up Niall wasn't there I sat up and it hurt really bad and I fell of the bed " ahh" I said I heard Niall and Louis running in the room "what's wrong" Niall said as he was lifting me up and sat me on the bed " my rib hurts " I said about to cry but I wasn't " it's ok " Louis said rubbing it to make it fell better I could tell Niall was jealous " Louis go get a water bottle" Niall said trying to get ride of him he gave me my pill he turned around and grab the water from Louis and I had already swallowed my pill " wow don't you need water" he said in shock " no" I said giggling Louis left the room and then Niall pick me up and my legs were around he's back and he spend me around I was laughing in enjoyment


She's was so pretty as I spun her, her laugh was so funny I couldn't help but laugh I got a little dizzy so I stop then I playfully trough her on the bed and got on top and put one arm on each side and went in for a kiss and then it turned it a French kiss my hands were one her cheeks and her hands were around my neck it lasted about 2 mins "that's enough for now" she said with a smile then she got up and I looked at her clothes they were dirty from when she got beat up " we need to go shopping for you" I said " no don't spend your Money on me " she said I wanted to like I had about a million dollies in my account " I want to I'm a celebrity I think I got you covered" I said then we went down stairs


Me a Louis and Zayn were watching the Telly when Niall and Whitney came down " we're you guys off two" I said "oh I'm taking Whitney shopping" he said and I saw Whitney giggle a bit "we'll see you guys later" he said I wonder what he meant by shopping oh we'll

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