Horan is hope

Niall found his princess Whitney found her savor


4. chapter 4

Whitney P.O.V

It was turning late so Niall lead me up to his room "you can sleep on my bed " he said " no I'm not going to take your bed away from you" I said " you been sleeping in a car I'm letting you sleep on my bed I'll be fine ill be here to " he Said then he came over and gave me a kiss this time on the lips it lasted about 15 seconds but I didn't want it to end " wow" I said he smiled and went to the sofa couch in the room then he turn off the lights and I sat there thinking does he like me but I now I like him he was so cute he treats me like I'm a princess or something.


Tonight was a great night I think I got closer to her but she was so pretty I didn't know what to say to her I think she likes me I just want to make her happy and make her feel safe

Authors note *

* sorry for the short chapter the next ones will be better*

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