Horan is hope

Niall found his princess Whitney found her savor


3. chapter 3


I woke up and Whitney wasn't there I got really worried did she leave without me " Whitney" I said in calm voice then I saw her head peak out the bathroom door " hey sleepy head the nurse said I can go sense I feel better " great" I said she went a grab a bag and sat on the bed "what are we waiting for" I said " for the nurse to give me my meds " she said then the nurse walked in and handed her the meds she was talking about " make sure you take this twice a day" she said "ok" " I need you to come and sign a release form" she said without a smile and then lead is to the front desk I think she wanted me to sign it I didn't care I was used to it . Then we left I ran past Whitney to the door and opened it for her " lady's first" I said I saw her smile she look so pretty then we walked to the car and hoped in and drive home.

Whitney P.O.V

As we were driving home i felt a little akward cause it was just quiet "so you live with the boys" I asked trying to start a conversation " we'll no we live in different houses but we visit each other a lot " he said the the car went to a quick stop the sacred me " S**T watch we're you are going BEEP!!!!" He said loudly " I'm sorry about that you ok " he said " yay I'm fine" I said Loudly but I was a little sacred but it didn't bother me that much but he look cute when he was mad I giggled "what " he said smiling " you look so cute when you are mad" I giggled he then kissed me on the cheek it felt so good "you are always cute" he said smiling l smiled back then we pulled up to the house and it still kinda hurt a little bit on my rib and then it started to crap " great time for this" I said " what did you start your period " oh my rib is cramping no biggy" I said limping to the door "I can't see you like this" he said then he came behind me and pick me up bridal style and kissed me on the cheek again I liked it. Once we got in the house he carried me in the living room " ooo sexy lady" Louis said and laughed " shut up Louis " Niall said " sticking up for the women huh" Harry said then I laughed Niall sat next to me and gave me a playful shove and then I shoved him back not hard though " so were your family " Liam asked I saw Niall looking at him mean " it's ok it's just they abandoned me when I was little" I said looking down I didn't want to cry in front off them so I didn't " I'm so sorry " he said giving me a hug " it's ok " I said " it's only the past" I said trying to smile


I didn't mean to get her upset so I sat down next to her " I'm sorry" I said " it's ok " she said but she was beautiful though she had pretty brown eyes. But I could tell Niall like her so

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