Horan is hope

Niall found his princess Whitney found her savor


2. chapter 2


I picked up they phone and dialed the number "hello " a deep voice said " is this harry" making sure it want the boys messing with me " yay" he giggled " we'll I found this girl beaten up by a group of boys and girls an I took her to the hospital can u bring the boys around to help" I asked " sure I give them a quick call" he said with a concerned voice. Then I turned around and found Whitney was asleep even though I didn't know her she was so beautiful she looked so peaceful . KNOCK * KNOCK. Harry came in with the boys an they each had something " who's moving " I said with a giggle " we thought this would cheer her up a bit" Liam said. " so this is the girl " Zayn said I could tell he kinda like her but I didn't mind I didn't know her that much to like her that much.


As I was looking at the girl I saw a liking to her but I new that Niall liked her like she wasn't my type any way. Then I walked to a mirror and fixed my hair i know I was dedicated to my hair like some people ( Liam louis) " hey sleepy head" Louis said in a whisper I could tell she was freak out by these new guest. " hi my name is louis "Louis said " I'm Liam " Liam said " I'm harry "harry said " I'm zayn vas happen I said I could tell she was a little freak out

Whitney P.O.V

When I woke and these four boys were starring at me and they all told me there names I new them from some were. I laid there with a studies face " what's wrong" Niall said worried " I just... Know you guys from some were" " does this ring a bell" harry said they whispered to each other a sang a song

"* the story of my life I take her home I drive all night to keep her warm in time is frozen *"

Wait I know that from some were I sat up I know it hurt but who cared " you guys are ONE DIRECTION !!" I said loudly " calm down a little bit" Louis said the nurse came in " don't get her to exited it can make her pass out " she said I guess she had heard me but I didn't care and she walked out the room . I took some deep breaths and Niall came to me and said "u hungry" he said " yay" I said back in reply I just noticed I have not eaten in days I know I have lunch at school but who eats school food. Niall came in with a sandwich it was just plain " thanks " I said and stuff my mouth with it they all giggled " what" I said not realizing my mouth was full so I giggled back and swallowed. And it was getting late so they all left but Niall stayed "you don't have to stay" I said "I'm not just going to leave you here by yourself " he said then he leaned over and kissed my forehead and turned off the lights.

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