Horan is hope

Niall found his princess Whitney found her savor


11. chapter 11


Today was a normal day me and Niall got up early today to go groceries store cause the boys consumed the the kitchen so me Niall ran to Walmart


I woke up laying on Harry's chest and his beautiful green eyes opened " morin " he said " morning" I said and he leaned in for a kiss then he flip over where he's on top and he started kissing my neck sucking lightly then he pulled his top off of me and he pulled the shirt off of him he kiss my stomach about to pull my pants of then louis opens the door harry gets of and I go under the covers " hey guys oh umm breakfast is ready "ok now get out" harry said " harry work your magic" Louis said smirking " get ready cause I'm taking you somewhere" harry said " where?" I said " its a secret " he said smirking so I get up and pulled on some denim shorts and a white lace crop top when I came out I went to the bathroom and put on make up when I came out harry was siting on the edge on the bed " we'll I toke you long enough" harry said with a smirk and I laughed he got up and out his arm over my shoulder as we walked down stairs. " hey Lauren your looking good" zayn said and I blushed "thx" I said " hey back of my girl" harry said "where are you guys off to" Liam said " idk harry hadn't told me yet" i said " its a surprise" He said leading me out the door and as we walked to the car he opened to car door for me " such a gentleman" I said " why thank you good madam" he said smirking " so now we'll you tell me where we are going" I whine "no but put on this blindfold" he said handing me a bandana " he said "oh dear I'm nerves" I said after about 10 mins of driving with me constantly me saying "are we there yet are there yet are we there yet " We are here don't take it of yet " he said I heard him get out the car and open the door for me and lead me to this spot and came behind me to untie the not "and here it is" he said while taking it of and there it was the most beautiful sight ever it was empty I might add and the beach was and my footsteps and the waves how the run along the coasts it breath taking. I started to tear up a bit " is something wrong" harry said standing In front of me running his hand up and down my arms " no I just think this is the most thoughtful romantic beautiful thing I ever seen" I said hugging him and he leads me down to a picnic blanket with a basket " ya we'll I've seen more beautifuler " he said taking about me right now my cheeks are practically red as a apple as we sit down on the blanket I lean into him looking at the waves and he leans in and kiss me and it was a powerful kiss sending chills down my body I wrap my hands around his neck and his arms wrap around my waist pulling me closer as the water comes up and fills up the space between us and the water was cold so harry jump up and saved the basket as I was getting drowned by the water he silty trough the basket and pick me up bridal style and carried me to the water " harry don't you dare I don't have a bathing suit on" I said wiggling g in his arms it was no use he had a stronger grip " I let you go if you do me a favor " he said oh god " what " I said " we'll you... be my girlfriend " he said and I know it took him some courage to say that " yes" I say and his smile is the biggest smile I ever saw then he wrapped me around his back so he giving me a piggy back ride and ran through the beach jumping up and down and me and him were laughing are pants of as he put me down I was starring at his beautiful green eyes and he leaned in for a kiss and this one was more powerful than The last sending multiple chills down my body as my as arms were wrapped around his neck and his around my waist traveling up my body to my cheek and his thumb rubbed on my cheek we pulled away and he was starring and me not braking the contact " I love you Lauren" he says " I love you too" I say...so as the day went on we finished are Picnic and went home and when we got there Niall and Whitney were back

Whitney P.O.V

We have been home for a while and then the door opened and it was Lauren and harry I went over to greet Lauren and she told me every detail about the picnic and it was so sweet of harry I think he really likes Lauren so as the day went on harry and Niall were talking and me and Lauren we're talking together all night and Liam Louis zayn fell asleep In a dog pill so I went in the kitchen and grab a water bottle and went and poured it on them they all jump up and looked at me everyone was laugh including me "your going to pay for this" Louis said and they all started chasing me and then louis grab me and pick me up over his shoulders and carried me to were the boys were he set me down and they all started tickling me I was laughing so hard I was snorting and Niall was on the floor laughing "get Niall" zayn said so they all went over and tickled Niall he was laughing so hard I think he peed a little. After a few hours of talking I fell asleep on Niall's lap and I felt him kiss me on the cheek and carry me upstairs to the bed he laid me down and laid in the spot next to me and put my head on his chest and his arm around my waist "I love you" he said " I love you too" I said and he kiss my head and I fell asleep.

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