Horan is hope

Niall found his princess Whitney found her savor


10. chapter 10

Whitney P.O.V

When I woke up my head was laying on Niall's chest and his arm around my waist I wanted to stay this way for ever then his beautiful blue eyes opened and we were in eye contact " morin beautiful" Niall said " morin " I said then as he pressed his lips against my he pulled me closer to him as I run my fingers through his hair and he moan I love the sound of his moan and I wanted him to moan again so I keep doing what I was doing as Niall hand travels down my back then down my leg send chills through my body as are tounge explore each other's mouth and as he kiss me he moved do to my neck and kisses my bare skin as my fingers run through his hair and he stops to look at me and he smiles then the door comes open it's harry " hey guys oh sorry to interrupt your fun time but breakfast is ready" harry said and left the room so I got up and went to the bathroom to comb my hair then Niall came and put his arms around my waist and his head on my shoulder and I put my hands on his hands and he rock side to side " I love you" he said then I turned around and we were faceing each other with my hand around his neck and his arms wrapped around my waist " I love you more " I said he smiled and kiss me in the lips " I live you most " he whispered in my mouth. " HORAN!! Breakfast !!! " I heard zayn say from downstairs so as we walk down to the kitchen Lauren and harry Are sitting next to each other so I sit next to Lauren and Niall sits next to me " so what do you guys want to do today" harry said " don't you remember we have a concert " Louis said " ugh I forgot " harry said I almost forgot they were one direction and they need to perform " so Lauren before the concert want to go shopping?" I said I want to spend some time with her and become friends with her " sure I would love that " she said " will you guys be back in time for the concert " Liam said " ya of course" I said " ok Simon texted me and said we need to be a the recording studio in 20 mins we better go " he said as all the boys left the kitchen Niall came a gave me a kiss before he left " bye see you at the concert " I said and he left " so when do you want go" Lauren said "when ever" I said and she nod and I went upstairs to find something to wear so I just put on jeans and a sweat shirt and put my hair in a high pony tail and put on my make up and went back down stairs and Lauren was ready so we went to the car and for most of the car ride it was silent but then we pulled up to the mall and went to forever 21 and I bought some lace shorts tank tops some dress and some jean shorts Lauren got some of the same things we have a lot in common I paid for my clothes and Lauren paid for hers " I'm hungry want to grab something to eat" I said and she replied with a nod so we went to subway we ordered are sandwiches and we sat down and she told me more about her self she was telling me how she got paid to go out with the rock and she loved him a first then he got aggressive and she didn't want him no more but he wanted her so he wouldn't leave her alone and she didn't know what to do " that's terrible " I said " you can stay as long as you want" I said " really thx that means so much to me" she said and we went back home to change for the concert which starts in five hours we got time. So when we got home I went upstairs and took shower when I got out I dried my hair and put on my make up and went down stairs " hey Whitney can I use your shower" Lauren said " sure there's one in Harry's room" I said " thx" she said and went upstairs so I just watched some Telly till she was done *20 MIN LATER* then She came down stairs with her hair curled with jeans and a white shirt and black sweater over it . Her red hair flows so perfect trough the curls " you look great" I said " thx" she said and sat down it was 4:30 man time went by fast " it's 4:30 I think we should go ahead and go " I said " ya good idea" she said and we walk to the car and I drove to the concert we I got a text from Niall (got me a new phone)


* go through the back door me and harry are waiting there*


* ok *

So we went to the back door and there was Niall and harry waiting just like they said " hey babe " Niall said hugging me with a kiss I love it when he calls me babe " hey sweetie" I said I need to think of some better nicknames " come on the shows about to start" he said and lead us in the back stage was huge it had five chairs with all there names on it and a giant food bar and. Couch and a lot of ropes and wires and a lot of people " ONE DIRECTION YOUR ON ON FIVE!" A guy with a clipboard said " we should get out there " he said kissing me on the forehead and went out and the show began


So once the show was over we went out the back door to go home then A mob of screaming girls came for us so we had to run to the car and we drove as fast as we could we took lefts and rights and we final lost them and once we got home all the boys went up to bed cause they were tried so we went upstairs and I jump on the bed and payed to stop next to me so Niall can lay down the he sat down and pulled the covers over me (not all the way under) and I laid my head on his chest and he hand his arm around my waist " I love you Whitney " he said " I love you Niall" I said and I closed my eyes and went asleep

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