Horan is hope

Niall found his princess Whitney found her savor


1. chapter 1

Whitney P.O.V. Right know all I heard was a bell school was over the first day of summer and now I'm free from all those people who didn't get a thing about me. So I walked down the street to the abandoned yes I lived alone. See look I was abandoned when I was a kid and then a old lady found me a took care of me till I was about ten and I don't know why. I was about half way to the car when these boys and girls started to make a circle around me. " hey dead meat " one if the girls said " ready for some pounding" one said punching his fist I slowly walked back and then one grab my shoulders then a girl came and punched my stomach I fell to the ground and he hit me in the ribs with his metal boot it hurt really bad then the room went black I heard a familiar voice in the back ground and then It went black all the way.when I opened my eyes I was in a little white room and on the foot of my bed was a cute tall blond boy " hey u ok " he said . I started to lift my self up " ouch" I said putting my self back down " don't hurt yourself self" he said in a giggle why did he giggle it wasn't funny I giggle back thinking that it was ok. " what ur name " he said man he was such a handsome man I just know I seen him before " ummm..... I know this one it's Whitney " I said thinking that was right.


Whitney was such a pretty girl and the doctor told me that she was about 20 so she was 19 about my age she had one white jean shorts and a blue tank top. So I wanted her to be happy I needed to get her home " so is there any family we can call " I said she took about two min to answer well she did loose her memory so I made sense. She started to cry was it something I said " no they abandoned me when I was little i never new why" she said crying harder then I rushed to her side and held her hand " I'm so sorry you know you can stay I my place" I said lifting up her chin man those brown eyes they were so vibrate " really that's so much better than a old car " she said with a happy voice I quickly grab a tissue and whiped away her tears. And then I pick up the phone and made a quick call

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