Brought By Storm

COMPLETE: I went to the door and opened it to see a girl shivering, soaking wet. She was standing there in her sweater and jeans, shivering. I didn't understand why.

Fred Weasley meets and falls in love with Amaris. A strange girl who barely happens upon his home. Soon, he figures out that Amaris is a muggle. How will things go?


4. The Girl Who Called Liar

"You're lying," Amaris' eyes began to water, "You don't even like me.  You're trying to trick me."

"No!  I really do like you!  Amaris!" I cried

"Fred! You are a cruel liar!" Amaris started full on crying

"I'm not lying, Amaris!" I called after her

"Just stop it!"

I could not believe this.  She didn't believe me, I had told the truth and she didn't believe me.  This was so frustrating.  I tell the girl I like that I like her and that I'm a wizard, when I am, and she doesn't believe me.  Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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