Brought By Storm

COMPLETE: I went to the door and opened it to see a girl shivering, soaking wet. She was standing there in her sweater and jeans, shivering. I didn't understand why.

Fred Weasley meets and falls in love with Amaris. A strange girl who barely happens upon his home. Soon, he figures out that Amaris is a muggle. How will things go?


2. Strange Feelings

After giving her clothes and smothering her in clothes, my mother took the girl to the dining room and placed a plate of food in front of her.  The girl thanked her and dug in.  With the way she was shoveling food into her mouth my mother went to get more food.

Hermione and Ginny started whispering to each other and so did Harry and Ron.  I rolled my eyes and looked at George.  He was staring at her, the girl sitting in our kitchen.  I looked back at the girl to seeing her looking at me, though she was still eating.  I turned red and looked away.

My mother came back in the room with more food.  The girl again thanked her, then polished that off too.  My mother raised an eyebrow at her, as if asking if she wanted anymore.  The girl blushed and shook her head.

"Can I ask who you are?" My mother then replied

"I-I-I I'm Amaris." Her teeth were somehow still chattering

"Are you still cold?" I asked standing up, "Do you want another blanket?"

"I'm fine," She shivered

"I'll get you another blanket," I smiled at her and my mother grinned at me

As I walked away to get another blanket I could hear their conversation.

"Amaris, how did you come here?" My mother asked

"I, I don't really know." Amaris replied, "All I know is that I was walking to get away from my family when suddenly the area around me changed.  It started raining out of nowhere and I came here, the only place I had seen in a while and the friendliest place I had ever seen."

I smiled at her compliment to our house, our house was the place that was so misshapen and strange.  But she said it looked friendly.  I laughed as I grabbed a blanket and walked back to the dining room.

I walked into the dining room to find everyone smiling and laughing, probably thanks to George.  I suddenly felt the strangest thing.  I was angry, angry at my brother for making everyone laugh.  That was new.

"Here's your blanket," I wrapped the blanket around her gently

"Thanks," She smiled looking up and back at me

Suddenly, I felt as if there were things flying around in my stomach, tickling me.  I again blushed and just nodded as I went back to my seat.  My mother looked at me, as did George.  I looked at the floor.  I felt, elated.  I couldn't explain it.

"Are you okay, Fred?" My mother asked me

"Yeah," I nodded

"You sure?" George asked

"Yes, I'm fine." I growled at him

"Okay, okay." He held up his hands in surrender and his eyes widened

"Sorry," I sighed

"So," Hermione looked from George and I to Amaris, "Where are you from, Amaris?"

"I'm from Weymouth." Amaris turned away from me and looked at Hermione

"Don't worry, Amaris.  We will do anything we can to get you home." My mother smiled at her

"I don't want to go back there." Amaris shook her head, "I don't mean to trouble you, but can I stay here?"

"Dear, you won't be troubling us." My mother smiled, "You can stay here if you like, but if your parents come for you we can't keep them from taking you."

"They won't be coming for me," Amaris replied and sadly enough, I was overjoyed

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