Brought By Storm

COMPLETE: I went to the door and opened it to see a girl shivering, soaking wet. She was standing there in her sweater and jeans, shivering. I didn't understand why.

Fred Weasley meets and falls in love with Amaris. A strange girl who barely happens upon his home. Soon, he figures out that Amaris is a muggle. How will things go?


10. Secrets Revealed

Soon after I received that last letter I was off to Hogwarts.  As Fred had told me, Mrs. Weasley sent me off with much more than what I thought was necessary.  I went with it though, without suspicion, like I was told.  This was amazing.  I got to Hogwarts as happy and unaware as I could be.

"Fred," I shouted at the red haired figure a little ways away

"Amaris!" He called back

"I missed you so much!" I squealed and wrapped my arms around his neck

"Same here," Fred spun me around, my feet flying through the air

"So," I smiled

"I need to get you to Dumbledore," Fred took my hand and led me off

"Okay," I nodded following him blindly




"Hello, Amaris." The bearded old man said, "Mr. Weasley, you may go now."

"Bye, Amaris," Fred nodded, "Professor,"

"Good bye, Mr. Weasley." Professor chuckled

"Good bye, Fred." I waved

"I'm Professor Dumbledore, Amaris.  And Fred has said so much about you.  He did mention that you did not give a last name." Professor Dumbledore looked at me quizzically

"I don't have one." I shrugged, "My family never mentioned one, I know it's odd."

"I see," Professor Dumbledore nodded thoughtfully

"What?" I asked

"Well, I may have found your family." Professor Dumbledore replied

"I have my family," I furrowed my brow

"Not, however, your real family." Professor Dumbledore said

"Excuse me?" I raised my eyebrow

"Amaris, I may have figured out who your real parents are." Professor Dumbledore looked at me sympathetically, "I believe your real parents were Sirius Black and Lily Evans."

"Who are they?" I asked

"Lily Evans later married James Potter and they had your friend Harry Potter.  Sirius Black was James and Lily's friend, but they both died." Professor Dumbledore began

"I know they died, Harry told me that." I snapped

"Sirius, however is Harry's godfather.  Sirius and Lily had you when they were still at Hogwarts.  They didn't want anyone to know, but I found out and they asked me to help them.  So I excused them from Hogwarts until you were born.  Later they decided to send you to the future so it would seem impossible for you to be their child.  I know all of this because they told me, but it can't be a secret any longer.  You need to go to school here, Amaris.  I know this sounds weird, but I promise you, it's true." Professor Dumbledore finished

"So Harry is my half brother?" I asked



Hey, I know this is kinda crazy, but I thought it would add a bit more to the story line.  Make things interesting.

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