Brought By Storm

COMPLETE: I went to the door and opened it to see a girl shivering, soaking wet. She was standing there in her sweater and jeans, shivering. I didn't understand why.

Fred Weasley meets and falls in love with Amaris. A strange girl who barely happens upon his home. Soon, he figures out that Amaris is a muggle. How will things go?


6. Little Talks



There was a knock on our door and I went to open it.  There she was, Amaris, who taunted me in my dreams and didn't believe me during the day.  I sighed and turned away.  She stood there in the doorway, silent.

"Did you want something?" I asked

"Yes," She sighed leaning against the door frame

"What is it then?" I snapped

"I'm sorry." She bit her lip

"What?" I raised an eyebrow

"I'm sorry, Fred.  I told Ginny and Hermione what happened and they told me you weren't lying.  If it helps I didn't believe them at first either.  But they proved to me that you were telling me the truth." She told me

"You told them what happened?!" I buried my face in my hands, "Now they'll have something to pick on me about.  George and I do all the picking on!"

"Sorry," She winced

"It's all right." I beckoned her closer

"Fred, I'm so sorry." She whimpered as I hugged her

"It's all right.  We're okay." I let go of her, "Besides, it's hard not to forgive those you love."

"You sound like a greeting card." Amaris laughed

"All the same," I grinned at her, but she suddenly sobered

"But what about the Quidditch World Cup and Hogwarts?" Her eyes were glistening

"I'll write to you.  And you'll have my parents to keep you company." I pointed out

"Still," She paused, "Then again, I'll get to here about little bitty Fred."

"Crud!" I stood up hastily

"Nah-uh!" She laughed and grabbed my shoulders, spinning me back around

"What do you..." I started

"Mean?" George came in the room

"How did you know what he was going to say?" She raised an eyebrow, "You weren't even in the room."

"It's a twin thing," George and I said in unison

"It's creepy," She laughed

"Okay," I began

"We'll stop." George finished

"Now would be nice," She smiled

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