Falling for to many

This story isn't mine this was written by my 11 year old sister who has amazing writing talents that I decided to show you guys she said she will continue it if you like and want her to


5. Surfing


After Kassy met her family we went to the beach

"Yo I'm going surfing" she said grabbing a surfboard

"Do you even know how to surf" I asked

"Ya I used to surf before I was adopted" she simply replied

"We'll any way can I go surfing with you" I asked trying to change the subject

"Ya sure" she yelled running into the water. I grabbed a random surf bored in ran after her she was surfing like it was the easiest thing to do and it was no big deal but I was way behind her falling every where till she slowed down and waited for me when I caught up with her she jumped on my board and placed me so I won't fall then jumped back on her board

"Find your balance" she said

Kassy's POV

When JP found his balance I went ahead and found Liam and Louis I didn't want to ease drop but I decided to anyway I was very curious

"So remember that girl that used to live next door to me that I alway talk about" asked Louis

"Ya why" asked Liam

"Well today I wet her and I fell in love with her all over again" explained Louis

"Why don't you ask her out she knows the real you and probably loves you for you and not just some guy in a band" replied Liam

"I want to but she brought a 'friend' with her and her and her 'friend' JP where holding hands the whole time" said Louis quoting the word 'friend' with his fingers each time he said it

"Well maybe was just nervous just like when Niall met Michel Bublè" explained Liam

"True but what if your wrong" asked Louis

"Don't worry about that" replied Liam

"But he's the same age as her she might choose him over me" explained Louis

"Well what's the age difference between the two of you" asked Liam

"I'm 4 years older then her" replied Louis

"Well I was dating a girl 5 years older then me" Liam explained

"Ok then I'll ask her either today or tomorrow we're in the same hotel" explained Louis. I just kissed JP and he's planning on asking me out I'm a little scared because I don't know who to choose and I don't really want to make the wrong choice then I saw Louis about to look up so I purposely wiped out

"What was that" asked Louis

"I don't know" replied Liam. I got back up on my board and continued to surf

"Hey look at that girl she surfs better then me" yelled Liam pointing at me

"That the girl I was talking about" said Louis I went back to surf with Jp

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