Falling for to many

This story isn't mine this was written by my 11 year old sister who has amazing writing talents that I decided to show you guys she said she will continue it if you like and want her to


3. On The Plane

Kassy's POV

On the plane we sat beside each other like usual and then it was Niall Horan from my favorite by band One Direction I didn't know they where going to LA well I try not to make to big if a deal on where there going in the UK or USA I just check where there going in Canada when they come because that's where I live now and they hardly ever come to Canada so ya


I was kinda wondering why she was going to Hollywood in the first place she hasn't really told me yet.

"Um Kassy why are you even going to Hollywood any way" I asked trying not to make her feel pressured or like she's being forced to tell me

"Here" she said as she passed me a note

The note said

'Dear, Kassy

I used to live next door to you before you where adopted and why you where adopted. And I know why you can't remember any of it because when you where in CAS they give you something that makes you forget everything before you where adopted except for all the math and language and educational stuff like that so you don't get sad at the memories I was your first ever friend and your best friend and even if you have a new best friend I'm still your friend and can help you. Meet me at the back of the Music Perfect recording studio and I'll explain everything to you just use these plane tickets if you want you can bring a friend.


Louis Tomlinson =)'

Wow I forgot all about her being adopted

"So your meeting Louis" I asked

"Ya" she replied smiling

Kassy's POV

It's ok if he wants to know I don't really care I a love him we're best friends and I really want to just have fun on this vacation I don't want him to have to worry about any thing I want to just be able to chill-out with him and have fun.

"So what do you want to do when we land" I randomly asked not know what to talk about

"Um I don't know what do you want to do"

"Um how about surfing" I asked

"Um sure but I don't really know how to surf"

"It's just like skateboarding or snowboarding" I explained

"Ok" he replied

"I had a very boring day all I did was sit in a plane and talk to the 2 kids but man that girl was cute" Niall started

"He's asleep behind me isn't he" I asked trying to keep a straight face

"Yep" Jp replied popping the 'P' I couldn't help it I just had to laugh we laughed so hard then we looked around and saw the rest of the boys snoring except Louis he was just sitting there asleep and man was he ever cute when he was asleep me and JP laughed at the the boys when they all snored then obviously Louis being Louis started sleep walking

"Attention could every one pleas be seated and have their seat belts on we will be landing in 5 minutes thank you" we heard a voice say

"Oh my god we need to get Louis to sit down" explained JP

"We can't wake him up" I replied as Jp was about to wake him up

"Why not" he asked

"We can't wake up a sleep walker it's dangerous" I explained

"Oh ya, well what do we do then" he asked

"I got an idea" I said grabbing Louis hand and pulling it over to sit him down we didn't have enough time to get back to our seats so we sat next to Louis and we didn't have enough time to put our seat belts on so we just sat down I was a little scared because if we don't have our seat belts on we can get very hurt and possibly die I grabbed his hand and he grabbed mine and we squeezed each others hand as tight as possible and landed we made it

(Authors note)

Sorry about the boring chapter I didn't really know what to write but I did bring the boys in a little and it's kinda short

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