Falling for to many

This story isn't mine this was written by my 11 year old sister who has amazing writing talents that I decided to show you guys she said she will continue it if you like and want her to


4. Meeting Louis And My Family

Kassy's POV

We did as the letter said and brought JP with me just incase. We went behind the studio and there was a gate we saw Zayn just sitting there

"Hey" I said

"Hey" replied Zayn "how did you get back here" he asked

"We're smart" I replied

"Well is there anyone in particular that you want to see"

"Um ya sure is Louis there" I asked

"Ya he's on the roof with the boys" he replied

"Ok" I said trying to get through "Um I can't get through"

"Oh sorry I'll get him for you" he said climbing up then their security guard came out

"Sorry guys you can't be back hear" said Paul

"Ok sorry one second" I replied as Louis came down

"Kassy!" Screamed Louis as he ran over and hugged me as tight as he could

"Hi Louis" I said blushing hot pink

"Who's this" he asked pulling away

"This is my friend JP it's not that I don't trust you or anything but it is kinda strange getting a letter from Louis Tomlinson" I explained

"Your right it is kinda strange getting a letter from me" he laughed

"So you know each other" asked Paul in a confused way

"Ya I've knower her since she was a week old she was like my first little sister only from a different family" Louis explained

"Come on in I have some people here you might want to meet" he said pulling me and Jp in Jp grabbed my hand and I grabbed his

"Who" I asked

"It's a surprise" he replied

"Kassy meet your parents" he explained as he showed us to 2 people just standing there

"El" asked my mom

"Huh" I asked

"Oh ya, I forgot to tell you before you where adopted your name was Eleanor Calder we called you El for short" he whispered into my ear

"Oh" I nodded as my parents ran up to me and hugged me so tight I could hardly breath

"And this is your sister" he said pointing at a girl that looked exactly like me

"That's a mirror" I said looking at her

"No it's not try to do something" he explained

"Ok" I said then did the splits and she just stood there

"Is this a prank" I asked

"No" he replied

Louis POV

She thinks it's a prank geez you play like 1000 pranks then every one thinks its a prank

"Go up to her you'll see" he said as my parents crossed there fingers hopping I'll remember I walked up to her then I remembered

"Oh ya how could I forget my own twin" I yelled as I hugged her

"Ok now I'm a bit creeped out. Witch one is my best friend" asked Jp as I got my sisters iPhone number

"Me" I said walking over to him

"Here" said Louis passing me his iPhone number then I got my mom and dads at the same time I remembered everything raven why I was adopted in the first place

"Um maybe we should stop wearing the same clothes" I explained to my twin sister

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