Falling for to many

This story isn't mine this was written by my 11 year old sister who has amazing writing talents that I decided to show you guys she said she will continue it if you like and want her to


7. Elevator

Kassy's POV

Well at about 11:00 last night we decided to go back it the hotel to go to bed. Well this morning I was the first one awake so I decided to explore the hotel on my way down the elevator I saw Niall in it all ready

"Hey Niall" I said

"Hey El" he responded

"What are you doing" I asked

"Looking for food I haven't had any in two whole hours" he replied

"Obviously your looking for food" we both laughed

"Well what are you doing" he asked

"I woke up got bored and decided to explore the hotel" I explained. Then the elevator suddenly stopped

"What was that" he asked a little scared

"I'm sure it's nothing" I said

*2 minutes later*

"I'm starting to think it was more then just nothing" Niall said starting to freakout

"Same here do you have your phone" I asked agreeing with him

"No" he replied

"One sec I'll see if I have mine" I said reaching into my pocket

"Found it" I said dialing the lobby "hello we're stuck in an elevator can we get help hurry Niall's claustrophobic thanks bye" I said into the phone. Niall started to really freak

"Don't freakout just hold my hand and we'll be fine I promise" I explained as Niall grabbed my hand we cuddled up in the corner and sat there and waited eventually we obviously got bored so I grabbed my phone and we started watching movies and tv shows by the time

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