Falling for to many

This story isn't mine this was written by my 11 year old sister who has amazing writing talents that I decided to show you guys she said she will continue it if you like and want her to


2. Dance

Kassy's POV

At the dance we where play ing around chasing and teasing each other like five year olds like always then the slow song came on JP randomly grabbed my hand and started dancing

"I didn't know you danced" I laughed

"I don't I'm just guessing I didn't know you danced neither"

"I used to love dancing when I was younger but then gave up" I replied

"Why what happened" he asked

"After I was adopted my new mom that I hate told me I was never going to be a dancer"

"Wow know wonder you hate her so much" he reacted

"Ya I know right" I joked

"There's more" he asked

"Ya but way to much to explain" I replied


Wow we where dancing together I never thought I would be able to dance with her it's the end if the song should I kiss her

Kassy's POV

It's almost the end of the song I don't know if I should kiss him I don't want anything to get awkward between us and what if he doesn't feel the same way and it changes us from being friends I moved in a bit closer


She moved in a bit closer so I moved in a bit closer till we kissed my lips on her soft delicate lips it felt so right and I just never wanted it to end

Kassy's POV

The kiss felt like forever I felt firework I never wanted it to end but it had to eventually we started running out of breath and I pulled away

"That... That was good" he stuttered

"Same" I said as he kissed me on the cheek


The kiss was great I never wanted it to stop but we had to at some point in life. After the dance we went to my house to pack she came over to help my since she was all ready packed and didn't have anything else to do

(Authors note)

Sorry about the short chapter One Direction will be in the next one I promise. Once my older sister told me she was publishing it I divided to continue it. It was just something I do when I get bored

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