High school

( one direction not superstars )

Haley is 18 and Niall horan the jocks sister what happens when she starts to like one friends will he stop them or does he even know ??



Haley POV

We lean in and r lips are about to touch when the door open and we pull way quick and act like nothing happen " i saw that " I look up to see harry and his smile I roll my eyes " don't worry I won't tell Niall" I smile " come on we r playing a game ""k we will be down in a min we have to clean up ""k see u then " he said and then gave louis a smile and walked back down the stairs so I start to pick things up " so I guess we r doing that song " I say with a smile as I put me note book , pencil ,and paper on my desk " yeah " he said in a quite voice rubbing the back of his neck " cool" I said the same way " but tomorrow we can work at my house is that ok ?" He said it looked like he was hoped I would say yes " yeah that's fine as long as u don't try anything " " oh so u didn't like what we where about to do ?" He asked pushing me to the wall I could see what he was thinking look at my lips to my eyes he was leaning in ......

Louis pov

I start to lean my then zayn yelled "come on Lou we don't have all night I pull back I started to walk to the door and I stopped and turned around and smiled as I walk out the door what just happened

Haley POV

He smiled and walked out the door what happened

Heys srry it's short oh and I am looking for some people for my book here's a list

Liam's gf

Zayns gf

Some cheerleaders

Some people I become freinds with in music

All u need to do is leave ur


What u want to be as in parts

Way u act

And what u look like

And user name so I can tell u if u got in my book r not

Oh and btw CHEERLEADERS are mean in this story kk just leave what u want to be the people I chose will not be in in the next chapter k bye oh and next chapter I will post what parts r left now bye

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