High school

( one direction not superstars )

Haley is 18 and Niall horan the jocks sister what happens when she starts to like one friends will he stop them or does he even know ??


5. time to sleep

Haley POV

" wat" I yell louis has the same face " ok well I am tired so we sould go to sleep " Liam said with a smirk " I am going to kill guy tomorrow good night " me and louis walk up stairs and into my room and we climb into bed and I turn my back to louis and he does the same I close my eyes


I open my eyes and I am wearing a wedding dress I look up to see louis in a tux stand in front of me and a man is in a tux too said " do u take louis to be ur husband " I smile and say " I do louis " then everything is black

*end of the dream*

Louis POV

I am laying in the bed is already I am just laying here then I hear " I do louis" come from Haley wat did she just she I couldn't help but smile I turn to her and put my arm around her I close my eye and go to sleep

Haley POV

I wake up to arm around me I turn and look to see louis I smile and back around simileing wat was my dream about in the first place my thoughts where cut off by louis moving and yawning he get out of bed I act like I was asleep and then act like I was getting up I turn around and say " where r u going " " I got to go home " and with that he walks out of my room and out of the house I look out the window and I see him walking away because he didn't bring his car wat with him

Hey guy all u people who asked for a part u will be in the next one ok bye oh srry it's short the next one with be long

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