High school

( one direction not superstars )

Haley is 18 and Niall horan the jocks sister what happens when she starts to like one friends will he stop them or does he even know ??


2. the song

Haley's POV

I walk to the door and open it I start to walk when I see kammie and Peyton I run up to them and say " hey can I ride home with u guys "" sure " kammie replies " k I'll be right back " walk away to look for Niall to tell him that's when the door opens they come walking out like they r so boss r something louis is in the front then Niall to the left of him and harry to the right zayn next to Niall and Liam next harry I walk over to them " hey Haley u still look amazing , I know I fell amazing after I had ur body on mine " I could see Niall looking at me like I am going to kill u I rolled my eyes " I riding home with kammie and Peyton " I said with a smile " oh and can they stay the night u know because it is ur house ?" I asked he nodded " thanks " I say and kiss him on the cheek " oh love wears mine ?" Louis ask with a smirk whatever is what I was thinking before I turned around Niall said " the boys r staying the night to " great but I was " louis and I can start r music project alright see u later " I said think god school started on a Friday I walked back over " come on let's go" I say as we jump in kammies car "hey do u want to stay the night u can use my stuff to wear " " sure why not " " great so we pull out and head to my house when we pull up to my house and the boy all ready here yay kammie parks the car and we go inside to see all the boys sitting on the couch " oh no place for me ""u can sit on my lap " louis said with smirk " oh no I ll sit on the floor" they all laugh and I sit on the floor so Niall got pizza we all ate " hey guys let's go put on r pjs" I said they nod and get up and so does louis I stop him and said " where r u going "" to put my pjs on with u yup with only u " " sit down louis " " fine " so me and the girls put on r pjs and i put my hair In a bun and go down stairs to can the boys in pj pants and no shirt all but louis and just then louis walked of the kitchen wow I look at him that tan and those mussels and abs and he seen me checking him out " oh so some like what they see " then the girls can down the stairs "hey u guys want to watch some tv " zayn asked " no me and louis have to do r project " I grabed louis and we went up stairs and sat on my bed and we started to talk then louis said " how about look after u bye the fray " " omg I love that song it my fav " " u know it makes me think about what be like if we dated " " y" I was confused " because I would look after u because ur r pretty and the kindest person in the world " he said with his hand on my cheek and we start to lean in when they door opened

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