High school

( one direction not superstars )

Haley is 18 and Niall horan the jocks sister what happens when she starts to like one friends will he stop them or does he even know ??


1. first day of school

Haley's POV

I wake up to " America girl " by Bonnie McKee so I get up and go into my bathroom and turn on the water take everything of and jump in there it felt like I was in there only 30:00 mins next thing I knew my brother was beating on my bathroom door "Haley u been in the shower for a hour " " ok ok Niall I am getting out ""ok the boys are here " as he was walking back " awesome " I said quietly " I heard that !" And then the door shut Niall and his friends zayn Liam harry louis are the football ( soccer)jocks louis is the captain I walked out the bathroom and to the closet I put on a pair of shorts and my superman tee I love superman I put my hair up in a pony tail and up my glasses on then my high top and grabed my book bag and raced down stairs to see the boys great " oh look at my beauty of sister" Niall said " sure is " louis said and winked at me Niall looked at him he has been doing to me all summer I don't know why at Harry's job " ill race u to the car " I yell " nope" Niall picked me up and ran to the car

Louis POV

I don't know why but I like her a lot

Niall POV

I know louis like her I think

Haley POV

I see my BFFs Harry's and louis sister pull up kammie and Peyton In kammies green sports car " I am diving to school tomorrow with kam " I yell " oh my baby's here " Niall yells oh yeah ni is dating kammie and she talks about her love life with him I want to throw up " go carrot queen " louis yells he loves carrots I flip him off " ohh has my carrot queen have a bad morning " " ok u to love birds we have to go " Liam said omg I hate them I get out of the car and the boy r behind me and we see kammie and nail kissing I walk up to them and she " throwing up in my mouth " I replied they Breckinridge apart and nialls head lean on kammies head and he smiles " thanks sis" we all laugh and then harry se Peyton and smiles " oh it is cold I should put my arm around u " he said put his arm around her we laugh " really bro really " kammie harry sister said we laugh " come on let's go " I say walking when I feel a arm around my hips " move ur hand or should I cut It off now " I said smiling but he didn't mov it so I just went on

*Skip morning classes *

Haley POV

I looked around in the lunch room till I found so far I have no class with them I walk over to the table and sit down we talked about things for awhile the bell was about to ring when Lou said " let check for the next hour" mr rupt Liam said" mrs goodwell "Peyton replied " mr Vick " Niall said " miss hammerstone " was Zayns " miss Jess music " I said I saw Lou smile " me too music with miss Jess my carrot queen " omg the bell rings " gtg music " me and louis gets up and walk down the hall into miss Jess's room could this worst mackinze is in this class my bully I looked at louis and he said " don't worry I have u play along " ok I think he grabs my hips and r body meet and he said to walk so I go and everyone was looking we sat down and I looked at him and he smile he amazing smile

Haley POV


Hi I'm miss Jess and today I am going to give u and a parter u and ur parter have to sing a duet " everyone cheers " i'am going to pick ur parter " louis and Haley " he looks over at me ans smiles can he sing the day go's by fast I put my in my locker and head to the door this going to be a long night

Srry for missed spelled words my phone changes them

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