High school

( one direction not superstars )

Haley is 18 and Niall horan the jocks sister what happens when she starts to like one friends will he stop them or does he even know ??


6. before music class

Haley POV

I wake up to my phone going off I sit up and walk to the shower and take my pjs and step in the hot water and I start to think I haven't saw louis seen Saturday morning I have no idea what happened I had that dream and I think I like louis I want to be with louis now and I know that know

Louis POV

I am thinking about asking Haley out but will Niall like that I just can't get the words out of my head " I do louis " I felt so early Saturday because I wanted to kiss her so bad I got so I can go to school to see her

Haley POV

I get out of the shower and put on my blue jeans and my white tank top with my blue jacket and my black converse curl my hair and I start some light make up when I hear a knock on my door then it open and there's my bro Niall " hey Ni" " hey sis the boys r here and u look so pretty u r growing up so fast " I could here the Irish in his voice he was turning around " oh Niall could I ride to school with u "" sure " he comes and kisses my cheek and leave I grab my bag and run down stairs I walk into the living room and I see louis in black jeans like Harry's and a the fray T and tops and black sun glasses then I see I have the same shirt " I have a fray shirt too " I yell they all laugh " come on sis ok yesterday I bought a new car but ur did come out ur room and the door was locked so louis brought his car mine holds 3 people " " Niall " zayn " yells "Niall srry Lou" harry yelled to " Niall " Liam yelled and they ran to the car " I am with u "" I guess " we smiled and walked to the car and louis opened the door for me and ran around to his sided and got in and when he got in I said "thanks Lou " I said blushing " is it ok for me to call u that " I said looking down he grabs my chin and lifts it up and said " it's fine hey " I smiled did he just call me hey he started to lean in when Niall called we back away I picked up my phone and answered it "HELLO " " Haley u ok " I thought to my self no me and Lou was about to kiss and then u call " Haley we r at school where r u " " um we where almost there and I forget something so we turned around ok gtg bye " I ended the call and Lou said " u r a bad Lier " " no " " yup u r " he said smart " ok fine mr smart " he laughed oh no " Lou we need to work on r music project "

Louis POV

" Lou we need to work on r music project " she yell when i was turning the key then I had an idea " how about we skip the hour before lunch and eat out for lunch and that's when we could work on it then love " I said with a smile she replied with a smile " yeah I would love that" that's when I turned on the radio and started dancing I can't dance

Haley POV

That when he turned on the radio and started dancing like a crazy person I started dancing to but I can't dance ( I really can't dance ) I start laughing and he dose to this goes on of 10 more mins then we pulled into the school he turned off the car and jumped out of the car and open my car door " my carrot queen " I giggled " y thank u carrot king " I looked up and saw the sky was dark louis grabed my hand and started to run I laughed running up the school stairs and we went in the doors and ran down the halls till we saw Niall and guy along with kammie and Peyton and to girl I don't know we got closer I let go of Lou's hand and jumped on ni's back makeing him trip a little but we didn't fall and Lou ran to harry and kissed him on the cheek which made my laugh then I saw the girls and Peyton looking pissed Liam was holding hand with one zayn was kissing one and harry arm was around one " don't mean to be rude but who r u guys " a pretty girl with Harry's arm around her she looked like skater girl said "hi I am Orlando Harry's gf " " oh my name is Haley Niall sis " I said jumping off of ni then a girl in a cheerleader outfit chewing gum that zayn was kissing said " hey my is grace I love ur outfit " she is nice to be a cheerleader and she looks like kammie the last girl with Liam looked down when's looked at her must be shy I put my hand out " hi wat ur name " next thing I know she is talking up a storm " Cristina I am shy and I like music lot and i'am dating Liam now so yeah ohh and I like to talk a lot " " so I see" I said as nice as I could I like her she is nice " Haley u know u missed first period " just then the bell went off saved by the bell " by ni going to class" I said quietly I kiss him on the cheek started to walk " wait hey wait up " I turned around and smiled " after this class meet me at the door " " ok Lou bye ""bye hey" he said with a smile I smiled back he turns around and go's to his locker as I head to mine I grab my books and go to class

*skip class*

I go and put my books and back pack in my locker and grab my notebook and walk to the door Lou is already there I smiled I he looks hot walk up to him and say " how it going mr big shot "" good and u miss sassy u know I am the sassy one here " he said with a smirk " come on let's go " I said walking out " where r we going anyways " " the park is that cool ""it is fine" I said we walk because it is is a block so we started talking about school we had 5 more mins till we get there " u should try out for cheerleading "" no I no good " I said back" yeah I think would I beleave in u "he said looking at me waiting for me to repile " yeah I will try I guess "" great " we sat down on a park bench and I said " I will start u sing when I point to u ok" " yup" he said with a smile

" if I don't say this now I will surely break as I'm leaving " I dart singing and louis is just setting there " the one I want to take forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait my heart has stared to separate " I point yo louis " ooh ooh be my baby ohhhhhh ooh ooh be my baby I'll look after u " he stopped I was zoned out his voice wow " do u want ..." He stopped because it started to rain " it's so cold but it feels great " I yell " y would u like to dance carrot queen " he said I laughed " y yes carrot king " he grabed my hand and started to ballroom dance he twirled me into his arm and dipped me I was looking into his eyes I got up from the dip and I was looking in his eyes he puts his hand on my cheek and leans in and kisses me his lips r so warm I feels like magic we pull away I can't help but smile he puts his lips to my ear and said " Haley will u go out with me ?" " yes yes a million times yes do u know how long I have waited for that ?" He smiles and we starts kissing in the rain again we pull way we stand there for a min " Lou how do u thank ni is going to take sould we tell him " I said worrid I put my head on him and put my arms around " what ever u want to do carrot queen " he said hugging me back "let's not tell him " he sighs " I do think that is a good idea love ok but let's get back to school before u get a cold he takes my hand and we run all the way back to school and go inside and into the lunch room I see Niall I walk over to him and say hey and Louis stops me and points to my shirt shit I am wearing a white tank top good thing I have outfits in my locker I grab louis hand and say " I have stuff in my locker" we walk to my locker and grab a tee shirt and jeans and a pony tail and we wlk to the bathroom and I go in and into a stall and change and I walk out the stall and go to the door and handed my stuff to Lou asked him if he would put these in my locker and give him my code I went the mirror and was putting my hair in a bun when a girl walked in and went to the mirror to fix her make up all my make up came off and she like I have seen her before I could say anything she said " hi my name is lizzy what's ur next class "" music u I asked "music to u want to walk together sure than the bell just rang I was walking out of the bath room and saw louis I was thinking I can't bleave all this happened before music

That's for reading this I told u this would me longer and if u have question just kik me at boobear_1221 k bye

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