In the Hands of Her Heart

"Listen, I just wanted us to be happy. But you've gone and chosen another love! I'm done with you!!" Harry spat that last word out in disgust.
"I'm sorry Harry!! But Jed's my bro-" Tayla gripped the bridge rail and grasped her throat with the other as she choked, her tears like a waterfall of tiny crystals. She coughed desperately in pain. Harry panicked.
"What's happening to her?!!" He grabbed Jed's arm in horror. Jed frantically lunged for Tayla as she tumbled over the rail and into the water.


4. "You'll be alright!"

Jed tossed and turned in bed. Hang on, Jed, almost there! Think about Tayla! She's in trouble! The haunting cry was still ringing in his ears. Beads of sweat started to gather on his forehead as he started to choke.

Jed jolted up with a start, coughing. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and got up. He rushed to Tayla's room. He sighed. She's safe. He almost reached his own room when he stopped abruptly at the sound of Tayla coughing.

"Hang on baby girl, we're landing." " You'll be alright!" Jed's voice echoed in her mind. Tears flowed from her eyes as she started to choke.

Tayla jolted up with a start.She clutched her throat as she coughed. She wiped her tears as Jed appeared by her bedside with a glass of water.

"You'll be alright." Jed comforted her in hushed tones. Tayla buried her face in his shoulder, summoning all her power she had to stop her tears.

"Hayden!" "Tayla!" Hayden screamed as he lunged forward and shoved Tayla out of the way. The beast caught Hayden, consuming him whole. "Harry, dear, you'll be alright."

Harry jolted up with a start. He clutched his heart as he breathed heavily. What a weird dream! I wonder why Tayla was in my dream. And why did she call me Hayden? And why was some bear trying to eat her? And why did I just get eatened by that freaky bear?? Harry shook the thoughts out of his head and went back to sleep.





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