In the Hands of Her Heart

"Listen, I just wanted us to be happy. But you've gone and chosen another love! I'm done with you!!" Harry spat that last word out in disgust.
"I'm sorry Harry!! But Jed's my bro-" Tayla gripped the bridge rail and grasped her throat with the other as she choked, her tears like a waterfall of tiny crystals. She coughed desperately in pain. Harry panicked.
"What's happening to her?!!" He grabbed Jed's arm in horror. Jed frantically lunged for Tayla as she tumbled over the rail and into the water.


3. "What's Your Name?"

"Oh, uh, Hi!" Her voice flew to Harry's ears like a nightingale's song. He smiled at her confidently as she smiled back sweetly and innocently. Harry blinked, his smile still painted on his face.

It was all Harry could do to hold himself back from grabbing her and pulling her in for a kiss. Stop it, Harry. Stop thinking like this. You're not like that. Turn around for a second. Take a deep breath. Harry obeyed himself.

"I'm Harry. You new here?" He was grinning now. She grinned back. Her teeth were like white, shiny pearls between her strawberry-peach coloured lips.

"Oh, um, Hi Harry!" She said shyly, her dark eyes twinkled. Oh great garbberries, he's so handsome! But he looks so familiar! Could it be? She stared at Harry in disbelief. I must be dreaming! Now it was her turn to blink, her sparkling eyes laughing now. "Um, yeah, I'm new here! Uh, are you?"

"Nah, been here since second grade." Harry stretched, flexing his biceps. He winked at her. Stop it, Harry! Stop flirting, you don't even know her, she doesn't know you!

"Oh, um, okay." She took in a deep breath now. Her mind was racing in confusion. She frowned at the silence. Now this is awkward. Say something! "Um, think you could show me around after homeroom?"

"Sure!" Harry pumped his fist under the table. "So, what's your name?" Harry asked. The small beauty held her breath.


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