In the Hands of Her Heart

"Listen, I just wanted us to be happy. But you've gone and chosen another love! I'm done with you!!" Harry spat that last word out in disgust.
"I'm sorry Harry!! But Jed's my bro-" Tayla gripped the bridge rail and grasped her throat with the other as she choked, her tears like a waterfall of tiny crystals. She coughed desperately in pain. Harry panicked.
"What's happening to her?!!" He grabbed Jed's arm in horror. Jed frantically lunged for Tayla as she tumbled over the rail and into the water.


2. "Oh, uh, Hi!"

The school bell screamed as the students rushed to their homerooms. The halls were crowded for less than a minute until all was empty, except for one petite girl. Seeing that no one was around, she transported herself to the door of the 10th grade homeroom. She fell through the door and into her seat just as the second bell rang.


Harry stared at the small beauty seated beside him, his mouth hanging. She had silky, brown, gorgeous glossy waves. Her skin clear, smooth flawless skin was almost golden, and she smelled amazing! In all his 16 years, Harry had never seen a girl that could define the word beautiful as this cute belle. She was everything Harry could imagine to be perfect. She's a real looker! Harry couldn't believe his new homeroom buddy!

Harry was a tall, strong boy with a well-built form, broad shoulders and rich, golden-blonde hair. He was one of the most popular boys in school, and star quaterback. His father was a rich and succesful businessman, but fully supported Harry's dream to be a professional football player. Over all, Harry had a pretty good life. He lived in a huge mansion, he got pretty much whatever he wanted, but he most definitely wasn't spoiled. If anything, he was the complete opposite of spoiled. His mother raised him up to be a polite young gentleman, and his father trained him to be a sensible son. In school, Harry had plenty of friends, and they were pretty good influences. Harry was pretty much a high-quality catch. He was every girl's dream date. However, Harry didn't fling himself at anyone. He was too good for that. He was rarely interested in girls, but this angel beside him had stunned him in a heartbeat. Harry was fairly confident so he spoke without hesitance.

"Hey," He said in his said in his slightly deep, charming voice. The girl turned around, her dark wide eyes widening even more at Harry's handsomeness. She blushed and smiled shyly.

"Oh, uh, Hi!"

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