In the Hands of Her Heart

"Listen, I just wanted us to be happy. But you've gone and chosen another love! I'm done with you!!" Harry spat that last word out in disgust.
"I'm sorry Harry!! But Jed's my bro-" Tayla gripped the bridge rail and grasped her throat with the other as she choked, her tears like a waterfall of tiny crystals. She coughed desperately in pain. Harry panicked.
"What's happening to her?!!" He grabbed Jed's arm in horror. Jed frantically lunged for Tayla as she tumbled over the rail and into the water.


1. His Sweat and Her Tears

Jed sprang up and took off. The terrified cry was ringing in his ears. He summoned all the power in him and ran faster than ever, adrenaline pouring down is forehead as he dashed through the forest. Jed coughed onto his sleeve. Hang on, Jed, almost there! Think about Tayla! She's in trouble! He burst through the bushes and scooped the baby up in his arms, now taking off to the sky, his wings spread wide. He looked back down as the furious beast roared at him. He chuckled in victory. His head jerked back as he heard a choke. His shirt was dampened with sweat and Tayla's tears.

"Hang on baby girl, we're landing now." Jed dropped onto a small patch of grass amongst the trees. "You'll be alright." He said over and over again worriedly. But he knew she wasn't. He watched Tayla in horror as she started to cough violently. "We're flying again, Tayla. Hang on!" He leaped into the sky and dashed to the Wizard's cave.





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