Love Hate Relationship

Despite Courtney's well known hatred for One Direction, fate seems to have placed her in the wrong place at the right time. The result? You'll have to find out.


4. Let Me Make It Up To You

Harry's P.O.V

        As I'm sitting in the waiting room listening to my playlist, I hear footsteps. I look up to find a girl in blue sweatpants and a grey hoodie. She looks at me like she's trying to figure out whether she likes me or not. For some reason her opinion seems to matter, but I push the thought to the back of my head. "'Ello," I say, and her eyes seem to darken. 


        "Oh," is all she says. I feel as if I've done something wrong, but I don't let it show.

        "Do you feel okay?" I ask.

        "I guess," she replies, "what are you doing here?" I know the answer, but I hesitate wondering if my reason is good enough. 

        "I felt bad about what happened," is all I can get out. 

        "Well," she says expressionless," I'm okay." She picks up a brown leather bag and swings it over her shoulder.

        As she's about to leave, I stammer," I.. I wanna make it up to you." I stare up at her, and her face shows a slight expression of surprise, but she quickly composes herself. 

       "And how are you supposed to do that?" She inquires. I think for a second, because it was just a shot in the dark. 

       "I'll take you out to lunch." I say desperately. 

       "I guess I would like that." She replies. 


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