Behind The Screen

Kayleigh96 goes online just to chat. Until she stumbles along a user she creates a special relationship with. They each have two lives and are confused on their purpose. They seem far apart but might be closer than they might think.
(Harry styles fanfic)


9. chapter 6


I'm on my skateboard heading to school until I bump into a girl's bike.

"Oh my god! Are you ok?" She panicked.

I rise my head and open my eyes to a pure delicate girl.

She looks into my eyes and tries to get my attention.

"Can you hear, see, feel me?" She rushed to say.

"Yeah." I respond.

She giggles and stares at me.

"You have pretty eyes." I tell her.

"Are you flirting with me?" She blushes. I knew have enjoyed my presence.

"Maybe I am." A silence stood. "Um. Can you help me up?" I ask her.

"Oh yeah." She said

She pulls me up to her and helps me dust off my clothes.

"Do you need to go home or?" He waits for an answer.

"No, it's ok. I'm alright so I'll be heading to to school." I tell her.

I pick up my skate board and glance at her one last time.

"Do you have a girlfriend? I mean, sor-" she says unconfident.

I interrupt.

"No. I don't." Her head lifts up just a little and I can see a grin start to form.

She pulls out a piece of paper from her car and takes a pen out of her pocket. She begins I write a note and passes it to me.

"Here's my number. Maybe we could... Hook up sometime." She shlyly says.

" I will definitely be getting back to you. And your name?" I ask her in quick curiousity.

"My name is Skylar." She responds. She gets back on her bike and rides off down the street.

I look at her until she disappears and looks down at the note.

Her number is precious just like her.

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