Behind The Screen

Kayleigh96 goes online just to chat. Until she stumbles along a user she creates a special relationship with. They each have two lives and are confused on their purpose. They seem far apart but might be closer than they might think.
(Harry styles fanfic)


7. chapter 4


I look downstairs and see my mom wasted on the couch.

I go up to her and take her beer bottle out of her hand.

I take the blanket from the closet and wrap my mom up.

I go to the kitchen and pour my self some frosted flakes and milk.

I gobble down my "breakfast" and grab my beanie to head out the door.

I take my skate board and glance around.

I see my neighbor in her car with her boyfriend, Byron. I never liked him. He always teased me in the locker room but never bothered with him.

I stare at them heading out the driveway.

Byron looked straight into my eyes and took a turn to leave the street.

I had a passionate hate for him. But I ignored it and rolled to school on my skateboard.

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