Behind The Screen

Kayleigh96 goes online just to chat. Until she stumbles along a user she creates a special relationship with. They each have two lives and are confused on their purpose. They seem far apart but might be closer than they might think.
(Harry styles fanfic)


5. chapter 2


I was up all night playing casino games online.

I shook my head as I opened my eyes slowly.

I look at the clock right of my bed and it read "7:43"

I was thinking about Kayleigh96 and the convo.

I realized I never sent her a friend request. I log on my account and search for Kayleigh96.

I see her name and click the option "friend".

I look at the clock again,"7:58"

I was late for the bus. I go to get dressed and head upstairs to the kitchen.

I take a banana and head out.

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