Behind The Screen

Kayleigh96 goes online just to chat. Until she stumbles along a user she creates a special relationship with. They each have two lives and are confused on their purpose. They seem far apart but might be closer than they might think.
(Harry styles fanfic)


4. chapter 1


I wake up and change into my clothes. I get my backpack and start heading my way downstairs.


I turn around and check my computer.

Hazza1D sent you a friend request.

As reading the screen it reminded me of him.

I thought I was going to talk to a stranger and log off but he seems to really think I'm "alright"

I began the convo and said "hello"

No! I shouldn't have done that! I was already late. My boyfriend was waiting downstairs for 15 mins.

I type "nvm I gtg."

And log off.

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