Breathe Me-Niall Horan

"Just because you've fallen, doesn't mean you have to break."


14. Your Irish Pal


Before I entered the building, I sighed, smoothed my dress, and took a quick glimpse of my appearance in the reflecting glass of Miracle Works building.

I pushed my way through screaming directioners who were on their knees begging for a lad to marry them. In your dreams.

Once I finally squirmed past the girls, I awkwardly walked inside, where the main lobby was filled with four boys, with huge smiles plastered on their faces.

"Hello," I greeted sharply, trying to act as formal as possible.

Niall wasn't here, so I relaxed and took a seat in the row of red chairs.

"Mr. Tredway, are we conferring in your office, or somewhere more private?" I asked, folding my hands across my lap and crossing my legs.

"Millie, we've missed you!" Louis said, standing up from his chair.

"Yes, likewise. Like I asked, before he rudely interrupted you, where are we meeting?" I said coldly. Louis looked at me like I had stripped off my clothes and thrown them out the glass windows.

"Oh, hmph. I'm not positive, but after Niall returns, we shall most likely go to my office. Actually, Amelia, use the elevator and take them up to the office,'' Mr. Tredway ordered me, handing me the employee pass for the lift.

"The elevator? Oh, the lift...." I muttered, motioning the lads to follow me.

After we were out of earshot, they bombarded me with questions, all along the lines of why I was acting so mean. 

"I'm sorry, but you will need to be quiet, this is a charity center, not a toy store," I hushed the using the flattest monotone voice I could manage.

"You've changed. For the worst," Zayn muttered, pulling out his phone.

We walked along the grey carpet, which was embroided with white and red detailing. The walls were white, with pictures of former owners and very responsible, respected people. The sun shone brightly through the opened windows, where you could still hear shrieks of crazed fans.

"Zayn, I don't think you understand what it's like to have a boyfriend who cheats on you, TWICE, and convinces you that he loves you, and suddenly turns on you for some brown haired slag. Oh, yes I've changed, Zayn. Thank your Irish pal for that," I said, still using my coldest voice.

"I've never had a boyfriend, for one thing. And Millie, we know it sucks for you. You never called us though, and you don't know the full story. Niall never talked about her, but suddenly there's pictures of him and her kissing. Paparazzi do a lot of money, including photo-shopping. They are geniuses with a knack for photography. They can get a picture like that in no time. Niall's not the type of guy to do that,'' Zayn explained, looking up from his phone.

"Then I guess you don't know him very well," I said as we arrived by the lift, scanning my card.

Zayn just rolled his eyes and pulled back out his iPhone. When we walked into the metallic doors of the lift, Harry put his hand on my shoulder. I flinched, tense from his touch. He cautiously removed his hand and rested them at his thighs.

"Are we still best friends?" Liam reluctantly asked, his brown eyes boring into mine.

I gave a careless shrug, but felt pain burst though me as I saw his eyes melt in gloominess.

It was like hope tapped him on the shoulder, nodded its head, then slithered back into the darkness after I practically said I wasn't sure we weren't friends. I was mocking him, he probably thought.

I kept my firm status though, and didn't let his sad eyes blow my cover.



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