Breathe Me-Niall Horan

"Just because you've fallen, doesn't mean you have to break."


8. Tiny Crack


"Shut the door, turn the lights off

I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love

I wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this

Even though I try," I sang. My words were choked, scratchy and peeling, like I was choking on air.

A tear rolled down my face, along with another, until I was sobbing. My body shook uncontrollably, like a thunderstorm.

I heard Amelia's voice sing back to me, the tune flowing through the Midnight air. It flowed around me, and soon I was giddily yelling.

"She's awake! She's awake!" I screamed, rushing to the doctor. He frantically ran into the room and looked at me with gloomy terror. The smile he gave me was full of pity, and the pat on my shoulder was my tears soon to flow.

"Your hallucinating. She's still recovering, we're hoping for the best."

"I know," I muttered, looking at my scruffed white supras, full of scuff marks and tattered from the rain.

My hands trembled as I touched her face, hoping my skin would heat up her cold flesh. I felt as if my skin was fire, and Amelia's was ice, and maybe, just maybe, if I could warm her up, she would awaken.

But she didn't.

Not for a week.

Or another.

Or another.

The doctor still glanced at me with pity, still pat my shoulder of tears, still smiled gloomily. He taunted me, as if saying, she's never going to wake up. Not today, not tomorrow, not next year. Never.


When you're in a coma, everything around you is solemn. No voices, no chatter, no noise.

Silence, peace.

It's like your deaf and blind, the only thing you see is nothing. You hear nothing, taste nothing, feel nothing.

Nothing is the new black.

I squinted my eyes and tried to open them, like they were a knot in a shoelace. Nothing gets boring, I wanted to see color again.

After what seemed like years of hard labor, I saw a flash of fluttering scintilla light that scrambled in my sight, soon leaving. It appeared again, as if to say follow me. I struggled to open my eyes again, noticing my strength was sucked out of me like a vacuum cleaner.

Soon, I was fully aware of my surroundings, the TV that was wheeled in front of me, the blue and white sheets that hugged my body, and the tiny crack in the ceiling that looked like a one.

I even noticed Niall, who was thrashing up and down and crying happily. He kissed me, holding my face and squeezing me in a big hug.

"I love you, I love you so damn much," he said over and over again, pecking my face with more kisses.

I sighed, looking up at him.

''Then why did you cheat on me?"

His face turned to stone, and everything stopped. The bright smile, his sparkling blue eyes, and a sad tear rolled down his cheek.

"I didn't cheat on you. Why would you even think that. Cher isn't even a big friend of mine, just the opening act. I promise, I would never do anything to you baby. I love you. You are the one that brings the light to my eyes, the corners to my smile, the reason for my laugh. When you were in that three week coma, I died. Mentally. If you would've been in that coma forever, I would've killed myself," he said, whispering the last part.

"I would've commited suicide."



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