Breathe Me-Niall Horan

"Just because you've fallen, doesn't mean you have to break."


13. The British Are Coming


"Mrs. Brown, please report to Mr.Tredway's office," the receptionist echoed from the speakers.

"Crap," I muttered, shuffling my papers in order and placing them neatly on my cluttered desk. I smoothed my skirt and plopped two orange pills in my mouth. Clipping my blonde hair back up, I walked past the employees typing on the computers and arrived at the elevators.

I began tapping my foot. The elevator was taking forever, like waiting for toast to pop out of the toaster.

When I finally got to the fifteenth floor, which balanced sudderly on the bottom floors, I quickly fastened my pace and shuffled to my bosses office.

Mr.Tredway was the definition of squat. He was like a bouncy ball, his stomach jiggled when he walked, and he was round. His head looked meshed together, and his chin was like a puzzle piece that was fitted in the wrong spot. He had a bald spot that went down the middle of his head, patched with a brown wig. I only know he's actually bald because the first day I got a job here, it fell off. He pays me extra pay to not tell anyone, so it works out perfectly. To top it all, he wears the same bright yellow bow with a black suit. I call him bumblebee, but never dare to say it to his face.

I knocked cautiously on the polished wooden door and stared at my shoes. They were killing my feet, because they were three inch high heels. I knew I should've worn flats today.

"Come in,'' he bellowed.

"I'm here to see you," I said, my voice cracking.

"Hmph. What was that?" he said, his voice echoing in the big room.

I mentally rolled my eyes as I repeated what I said.

"Well, obviously your here to see me. I called you up here, correct?"

I meekly nodded.

"I'm here to talk about your relationship status. Single, correct?" he asked.

I nodded again.

"From rumors, you supposedly dated Niall Horan for three years, correct?" I don't know why he keeps saying 'correct'.

"Yes," I mumbled, looking down at my lustorous shoes.

"Well, good news! One Direction is coming to Miracle Works, and their helping raise money for the charity! Ahh, fantastic, isn't it, correct?"

My eyes widened and my red lips fell open.

Niall and I had broken up two months ago. And I miss him so darn bad. He is the only thing that can keep me going, but now he's gone.

He did it, he really did.

Harry told me.

And then he left.

And now he's going to be here.

"Well, Mrs.Brown, looks like your shift is over. They will be here tomorrow. Get some good sleep, darling."

I walked out of the office, then sprinted down the stairs. Tears fell down my face as I ran, well, wobbled, with my heels on. Soon, I ripped the black shoes off my feet and fled the building.

He's coming, he's coming, he's coming.

"Darn it!" I shrieked as I entered my red car. It had just been polished, and it gleamed with pride.

Unlike me.

When I got home, I slammed through the front door and walked to my room, collapsing on my bed. I laid on my stomach and cried audibly through, letting my red lips stain the white duvet.

"He's a liar. A stupid, fucking liar. I would never cheat on you," I screamed, mimicking Niall's voice. "And now I'm fucking talking to myself! God damn it!" I yelled again.

It was already seven 'o' clock when I had finished eating and showering.

"It will be fantastic seeing them." I said, falling on my bed again.

I fell asleep, because I knew if I kept thinking about him, my hair would be gone from me ripping it out.

I woke up in the dreaded morning and let out a satisfying groan.

I slipped on a gold one shoulder dress and curled my hair. I put on mascara and pink lipstick, along with matching pink high heels.

" I hate high heels," I muttered as I slipped them on my feet. Wearing nice clothing to work was mandatory, since Miracle Works was all about charity and in Tredway's words, "we should make the best image of ourselves." He should probably look in the mirror.

And I also wanted Niall to drool over me, since I'm not his anymore. Nor will I ever be.

I drove to work and heard the ear-shattering screaming. "Shit," I cursed, making my way through the fainting girls.

It could only mean one thing.

They were here.


sorry if this is confusing. were you expecting this, hmm?! please tell me what you think should happen next, the best comment will have their idea in the story *oooh* and for the chapter name "The British Are Coming," I know Nialler's Irish. I know everything about him *stalker voice*

love you all




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