Breathe Me-Niall Horan

"Just because you've fallen, doesn't mean you have to break."


3. In Between


"Niall, come on, she's here!" Harry said, opening my door and frowning.

I sighed, shuffling on my black Adidas jacket and trudged down the carpeted stairs of the flat. Her eyes glistened as she saw me, and unexpectedly she ran up and threw her arms warmly around my neck.

"Niall! How's it been babe?" Shivers crept down my back as she called me babe, and a tingly feeling filled my stomach. I could feel my cheeks heat, and I instantly peered down at the round. Stop it, Niall!

"Great, now that you're here! I've missed you!" I replied.

She took a step back, lying her arms on her waist and staring at the red walls. Taking a few steps, she fingered the special lone tree painting and narrowed her eyes.

"What's this?'' she asked. "It looks.... it looks frighteningly familiar. I swear I've seen it before- I just don't recall when," she turned and looked at me, her lips pursed. "Who made this?"

I looked at they boys for help. Liam and Zayn were frantically peering around the room, until Louis spoke up.

"Harry made it. It took him quite awhile, he was constantly isolating himself in his room and painting along, painting painting painting! Right, Harry?" Louis said, nervously laughing. He nudged Harry, who's eyes widened.

"Oh- oh yeah! It took forever, but it was worth it," Harry choked out.

She grimly nodded, still gazing at the picture.

"I'm hungry, um- I need to go... lay on my bed... in the bathroom,'' said Louis, who scrambled quickly up the stairs. The lads and I shared a flat in a few countries, ones that we visited for concerts most often. Our current one had an open living room, with a brown leather sofa and red and white throw pillows. The carpets were a creamy white, without a blemish or a flaw unclawed. We also obtained a music room, guest room, our bedrooms, the "man cave" and many areas that were left unused. The light shone through the windows, bringing in unwelcomed summer air.

"I should probably go. I just waned to drop by, so I did. See you guys later!" she said, heading for the door. I quickly got off the couch and opened the door for her, smiling widely.

I waved, her returning the favor, and shut the door.

"Wow, Niall. This is really depressing. I honestly didn't think Amelia was right until now," Louis spoke from the top of the stairs, glaring down at me. His eyes shot into my heart, like he was staring into my soul.

"What do you mean?"

"Amelia found out your cheating on her, you cunt!" Louis yelled angrily, storming down the stairs.

I gasped, staring at Louis. I would never cheat on her, I love Amelia!

"I love her more then you will ever know, Louis! Stop being a fucking cunt and making up rumors that aren't true! I love her!'' I screamed again. I thrusted myself out of the house and agitatedly headed for my only savior.


"I always was a loner, the kid swaying on an empty swing set with no friends . You never really notice that person until you get into about middle school, where bullies thrive in packs like wolves.That's when I quickly became sociable, because I didn't want to be picked on. I began claiming make up products and testing them out, trying things with my blonde hair, things like that, just to look presentable and get friends. But, I still was a loser."

"What did you do to get past that stage?"

''Honestly, I am still depressed. I never have gotten over my middle and high school life, and the people I really trusted and counted on broke me again. I'm having trouble laughing." I looked around the room, admiring the light brown walls and pale white carpet, with a group of cushioned couches facing each other. A stack of books groped in the corner, and a desk and computer in the other corner.

''Laughing? Hmm.... do you smile?"

"Yeah, smiling easy. I can just fake it. Faking a smile is as easy as breathing. I've been doing both all my life," I admitted. "It's kind of like, I'm not exactly sure how to put it. I guess fake smiling is natural for me."

I heard a bell ding, the clock reaching eleven a.m.

"Well, our session is up miss Amelia. Next Tuesday, same time?" my therapist said encouragingly.

"Sounds like a plan," I smiled.

"Was that grin fake or real?"

"In between."

I drove home, clawing for a swim suit. I entered the small apartment and got a light pink bikini and tossed it over my tanned body. I added over a white sheer cover up and some black flip flops, grabbed an apple off the kitchen counter, and headed for the Bournemouth Beach.

When I arrived, the waves were rippled and lapping over the dark grains of sand. Children and families were splashing in the water, laughing loudly.

I wish I could laugh. Niall could make me laugh again, if he told me she wasn't his new girlfriend. It'd be such a lie, I would laugh.

After looking for a spot to put my items, I found one and gently laid them there. I threw off my cover up and flip flops and waded out into the water. I brought my inflatable tube and had my iPhone and ear plugs in, so I could relax in the water.

I was next to the "No Beyond This Point" sign, so I laid back and jammed my ear plugs in, listening to Timber by Pitbull and Kesha, unaware of anything around me.

No One

The life guard was frantically blowing his whistle, waving his arms and yelling for everyone to get out of the water.

But one person didn't hear him.


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