Breathe Me-Niall Horan

"Just because you've fallen, doesn't mean you have to break."


4. Down Beneath


  I had noticed the ocean was empty of people but I thought nothing of it. I let my eyes fall shut again, the waves gently lapping over the skin. As I swayed my head to the music, I let one leg fall off the tube and into the water so I could test the warmth. Which it wasn't. It was beyond freezing. 

   Things occasionally touched my leg but I knew it was a string of seaweed, torn from the ocean floor. I readjusted my ear buds, turning so that I could look back to the shore. Nobody remained. The beach was void except a few people running to their cars. Why were they running? Now even a lifeguard remained!

   I felt a suspicion build in me but I couldn't bring myself to listen to its yells. Maybe the water just got to cold for them. I sniffled, trying not to think of Niall as You and I came on. That was always my favorite song and hearing it, knowing that Niall had broken me simply tore me to shreds.

   I felt a hot tear roll down my reddened cheeks as I brought my finger up, gently wiping it away. The ocean expanded and I swear it could have been full of my tears. I could have been swimming in my sadness and I would never know. I was shattered, falling into tiny flakes that could drift into the ocean.

   I tried to convince myself I wasn't broken. After all, I wasn't...right?

   With one look down at my wrist, I knew the answer.

   I had let Niall break me. I had let myself become vulnerable because I thought he was different from the other guys. Yet he wasn't. I should have suspected something but him cheating was the last thing I suspected.

   I ignored the thought of his fluffy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes as I skipped the song. I couldn't let myself be effected by something so obviously meaningful. I knew that sentence made no sense. If it was meaningful...why would it not effect me?

   I looked back up once more, and I realized cars were driving away quickly.

   With my senses kicking in, I immediately knew something was going on.

   I sat up, another piece of seaweed touching my leg. I ignored it but it wasn't slipping away. I tried wiggling my leg but it remained wrapped around my skin. I pulled my leg from the water screaming as I felt something pull my leg down, sending bolts of electricity.

   I splashed around, trying to get what I assumed were jellyfish off of me. In the process, I had flipped off of my tube, drenching myself in water. Before I could surface, I felt a shiver of electricity in my chest as my vision began blacking near the edge.

   Was this it? Would I leave my life moping over something I couldn't change?

   Eventually my wide eyes gently fluttered shut and all I saw was black. I felt the pain ooze into my body like a rocket, sending me shaking like a thunderstorm.

Soon, I couldn't even feel the pain. I knew, this was it.

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