Breathe Me-Niall Horan

"Just because you've fallen, doesn't mean you have to break."


10. Call Me Guinea Pig


When the boys glanced at me with worried-filled faces, panic rocked through me like a spaceship.

"What?" I asked reluctantly, letting my hands uneasily fall from my head.

"The doctor, umm... he found something, and it's not-it's not good," Liam explained, still cautiously staring at me. I turned over my arm and saw the prickled cuts, all over my wrist and eerily close to my vein. 

I moved my arm back over desultory and carefully shoved it back under the sheets.

"What are those Millie?" Harry yelled, shuffling to the side of my bed, his face languoring, his eyes widened.

"Nothing, I just, I just got scraped, err, from the jellyfish," I stuttered, praying he would leave it alone.

"Whatever," Harry sighed, groaning as he walked to the brown patented arm chairs in the musty corner of the hospital room.

"Anyways, you got a lot of neurotoxin injected into your body, which is the poison a jellyfish uses to paralyze it's prey. You won't be able to got home today, like Niall said. You have to have a serious surgery, or the toxin will take over your digestive system, where it formed, and paralyze you. Jellyfish contain cnidoblasts, which house nematocysts. The tentacles contain thousands of them, and they have to clear them before your paralyzed." Zayn explained, a tear rolling down his cheek. I didn't translate any word he said, except for paralyze. Oh, that's scary.

"I have no fucking clue what cnidoblasts and nematocysts are, but I know they don't sound good. And why are your crying? If I get the surgery done, I should be fine, right?" I asked, intently deepening my stare to Zayn.

"The surgery has never been done. Your kinda, the, yourkindatheguineapigforthesurgery," Louis mumbled quickly, fixing his grey Adidas sweatpants.

"Slower please Lou."

"You. Are. Kinda. The. Guinea. Pig. For. The. Surgery," he mocked, probably trying to lighten the mood. I felt my face drop, I'm really the first one to get this surgery done? I didn't cry, my tears were floating in the ocean, probably being sucked up by the jellyfish.

"No, your lying."

"I really wish I was. With your permission, the surgery will be done. What do you say Millie?'' Louis nervously asked.






Ello! BTW Amelias nickname is Millie. Comment your opinion and fan, like, and favorite me and this fanfic:S

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