Surviving Camp Grounds

When you go to camp it's supposed to be all cheerful and bright right? Well not this one it may have seemed that way at first but only for a few hours or so. There's a new perspective of camp in Lexi's eyes and those of her friends. But what happens When you put a lot of kid's with weird freaky powers together and in a camp? Well you'll just have to find out.


6. Visions from afar

 “So what happened to you girly girl, you’re going to have to be more careful if you stare too hard you end up fainting” Alyssa was obviously mocking me no doubt she was now cause she was giving a crooked smile. “Guys I had the weirdest dream ever only it felt so real, I got to talk to my dad but he’s in trouble.” I whined as I was lifting myself off the bed with my hair flowing behind me. “What do you mean you talked to your father, I thought you said he was dead.” Autumn said with confused fear in her eyes. “He’s not he connected with me telepathically and asked for our help we have to help him now.” I demanded them to plead with me and take my advice so we could leave sooner to save my father. “Ok, I agree with Lexi we've got to do this thing it will only strengthen us and our powers too.” Alondra was standing beside me and also she was going against the rest of the group. “Oh, Alondra you can’t do that if you’re a Faerie you can’t lie or choose falsely.” Nikki was saying with a matter-of-factly look on her face. “Well, if it were false by now I would have lost my sight already and I can see just fine.” Alondra had proven all of them wrong with just a quick short sentence.”Alright, I can’t fight it anymore I've got to side with Lexi because she does have a point. If we go we could save a life and improve and learn our powers.” Autumn was now making up her mind and she chose me and my mission. “Fine, I’ll go but only for Lexi’s sake and to learn all my powers and to find out about my past.” Nikki was making up her mind as well gosh I love my friends so much. “Darn it, how can I ignore this I have to go I have to save a person it is werewolf policy.” Hannah now chose to side with me as well she thought it was right to do. “Since you’re going to need someone to supervise you and I’m almost an adult so I’ll go as your supervisor.” Queen Boss now even decided to go along with the program so she was our “adult” in the group. “Sweet, if all the girls are going I guess I’ll go I don’t want to deal with the bratty camp kids.” Even Ashley chose to come with us and she doesn’t even like working with other people. “Hmm, if Alondra’s going then I guess I’ll go I want to protect her with my life.” Aaron was blazing with love in his face for Alondra. Alondra gave Aaron a sweet soft kiss on his cheek to thank him for his comment. “Oh Alright God, since I’m the only person left I’ll go because I don’t want to look stupid for not agreeing to do this.” Carlos was blazing with anger but he didn’t care he just didn’t want to be left out of the group. We went to the camp counselor and told him what I experienced in my sleep and he told us to take care of it and come right back. All the kids in the camp asked us where we were going when they saw our packed bags. “We’re going on a trip we’ll be back within a week. Don’t worry I promise I’ll come back and I never break a promise.” I had a bad feeling in my stomach and I think Carlos might have felt what I felt too. Are you okay Lexi, do you want to go back on your deal with your dad? Are you just going to give up like that? I came because I thought you would be strong enough to where you won’t need me. “How can you say that to me? You can’t just say that and not expect me to get mad!” I forgot Carlos used telepathy and I was screaming my answer out loud. Everyone was just giving me a look as if I had lost my mind which I totally haven’t. I gave Carlos one of my sorry-about-that looks and he just gave me a crooked quizzical smile. “I’m not going to abandon my father like that, I have to be strong and go through these obstacles with or without you guys help.” I was so focused on leaving and saving someone that I didn’t notice the intruder and she attacked me from behind. No doubt though I was definitely stronger than her I can handle her. “How can you do that that isn’t fair at all, well?” She was just giving me a weird but amused look as if to tease me. “I couldn’t help but overhear that you were going to save your father from Russia, I thought why shouldn’t I help out too. Obviously you don’t know me but I want to help and also I have to go to Russia anyway, so what do you say?” She was actually serious and she wasn’t even smiling in a humorous way so she means it.  “Well like I said before we don’t know if we can trust you, so why should I?” Apparently I said something wrong because she hit me with a shock wave as if telling me to shut up. “Ok, my name is Edith Teague and I’m a warrior werewolf, I love walks in the park.” It was like she was telling about herself on a first date or something. “Alright then that’s all I wanted to know, I’m Lexi Black and I’m a psychic vampire.” I know she would understand the terms if she betrayed us at any time.

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