Surviving Camp Grounds

When you go to camp it's supposed to be all cheerful and bright right? Well not this one it may have seemed that way at first but only for a few hours or so. There's a new perspective of camp in Lexi's eyes and those of her friends. But what happens When you put a lot of kid's with weird freaky powers together and in a camp? Well you'll just have to find out.


3. Secrets revealed

As we waited for the bus to arrive, we kind of sat there asking questions about each other. Then we heard the screeching of tires so we knew that the bus had arrived.”We have reached our destination.” The bus driver was screaming so loud I thought my ears were about to burst out of my head. “Hi Stephanie, How are you?” Autumn was literally happy now that she couldn’t contain her urge to run and hug the girl so tight she almost squished her. “Autumn can’t breathe, you’re squishing me.” She was literally gasping looking for air to breathe in so she wouldn’t choke and die. “Sorry I haven’t seen you in a while that’s all.” She said with a grin as huge as the one Chester cat had had in the book “Alice in Wonderland”. We all came running to Stephanie’s rescue the moment we saw autumn run at full werewolf speed.”Aha Autumn you weren’t supposed to do that you know.” I was saying now I was switching to telepathy. Were supposed to keep our powers and other things a secret or have you forgotten about that I would presume you have. Am I right Autumn or am I wrong? Now I was furious with her, I wanted to call her stupid but I was way too cautious now to do so. She gets on my nerves most of the time but I’ll put up with her till then. * SNAP* “Shh, I just heard something snap it sounded like a stick.” I said sounding very alert and on my highest guard. I couldn’t finish talking because Autumn was already in attack mode she transformed right in front of Stephanie’s eyes and Stephanie seemed too shocked to say anything. Before we could stop her she froze right when she was about to pounce on the mysterious person. “Sorry about that but I didn’t want to get slobber all over me by this beastly thing.” She was simply smiling a witchy smile that I couldn’t ignore I knew right there and then she wasn’t a human. “Since you simply just out of the blue froze my friend like a dog sicle I’d like to know your name.” I said in an unpleasant enough voice that Carlos grabbed my shoulder and I shivered in his touch. “Why should I tell you my name I don’t even know if I can trust you?” She said in an amused yet very confused way. “Well, we feel the exact same way you do we don’t know if we can trust you either.” I was still talking in that very unpleasant voice Carlos pulled me back and held me close to him as if I were being attacked and he was my protector. What’s wrong? I asked him telepathically because I didn’t want the others to hear our conversation. Nothing it’s just I have a feeling she’s about to attack one of us and I don’t want to see you get hurt. He was speaking in his telepathic voice which still sounded soft yet very seductive. That’s not what I noticed though what I noticed was the color of his eyes. They were an enticing color, a color in between red and purple they appealed to my eyes. Hey you okay? You’re kind of scaring me. I was looking at him with worry and shock in my eyes. Yeah I’m fine. Why do you ask? He asked me as he was still staring into my worrisome eyes. You’re eyes just changed color somehow I don’t know. Should I be worried about that or should I… he was interrupted by my glance of fascination toward him. Don’t worry it happens all the time. No need to worry it’s only natural that my eyes change color. You’re eyes change color too if you didn’t notice. I was somewhat puzzled by what he had said. I’ve never noticed that because I can’t see my reflection in the mirror. Can you tell me what color they are now? But he seemed to be smiling with pleasure or satisfaction toward my words. They’re red and gray I’ve never seen that combination before. I was very impressed by his attentiveness that I didn’t notice that the rest of the group was watching us in a gooey eyed expression (well except Autumn). “Aha hello earth to Lex and Carlos.” Autumn was literally screaming her lungs off I didn’t notice she was unfrozen at first. The first thing I did notice was that the other girl was gone and everyone was staring after her tracks. “Where did she go? This is impossible how could we lose her?” I was so angry that I didn’t notice that all the kids on the bus had already unloaded and went to their cabins. “Shit! We forgot to check the kids before they got off the bus.” I was so full of rage that my fangs had already grown out. Hey, you’re fangs are out retract them back now. It was Nikki she looked at me with eyes of worry and horror at the same time. Everyone one was looking at me like some kind of new discovery.*SNAP* I leaped into action before I noticed what happened I jumped and landed on the camp counselor. “I’m so sorry, god I’m not in control of myself anymore. I’ll just go I’m sorry.” I turned to everyone else who looked angry and disappointed with me. “I’ll leave the camp so you won’t have to worry about my stupid behavior anymore. I’m very sorry.” As I walked away I felt that cold chill as if the ghostly presence was there as it was last year. I had to keep walking to stop from turning around and crying my eyes out. It’s super gross when I cry I don’t cry regular tears. Ever since I became a vampire I cry tears of blood. Before I could reach the hill Carlos and Alyssa had stopped me. “Where are you going Lex? We need you and you can’t just leave.” Alyssa looked as if she was about to cry and Carlos looked like he wasn’t going to let me go anywhere anyway. You’re not going anywhere. I don’t know how to admit this, but the only reason I stayed when we arrived was because of you. You have very beautiful memories I was going through your thoughts to see what you were like. I’m sorry I should have told I was going through your head. I wasn’t able to speak because I was so touched by his words. I could cry though and that was exactly what I was doing and it felt so gross. Aww, I knew you’d be mad at me. He sounded really down and I didn’t want him to think that either. No I’m not mad at you. It’s just I really like you and I didn’t want to tell you because I thought you might not like me. I kind of like you to go through my thoughts. It’s not a bad thing. It’s actually kind of fun. I couldn’t help laughing out loud, which caused Alyssa to look in curiosity. “So are you guys making up or something cause you guys weren’t even talking but she’s laughing”. 

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