Surviving Camp Grounds

When you go to camp it's supposed to be all cheerful and bright right? Well not this one it may have seemed that way at first but only for a few hours or so. There's a new perspective of camp in Lexi's eyes and those of her friends. But what happens When you put a lot of kid's with weird freaky powers together and in a camp? Well you'll just have to find out.


4. Own personal problems

It’s been a few hours since the incident with the camp counselor. I still feel bad about it but I didn’t want to be off my guard was what caused me to jump. Carlos and I have a long distance connection of telepathy.” Last but not least, time to meet your protectors who will protect you while you’re here.” This year there were a lot of kids who were totally stunning. They were mostly teenagers like us; it threw me off guard this time. “They look like they’re our age, what could they do that’s better than us.” The kid looked about 12 or 13 and he had a lip piercing. Nothing good could come from this kid. I thought he looked funny in a cool kind of way. “Boys would you like to show them what’s special about yourselves please?” Aaron was the first one to go, he turned on everyone’s cell phones without even lifting a finger. Then Carlos went he broke a tree in half with his bare hands without even breaking a sweat. Kids gasped and awed in amazement they could not believe their eyes.” Thank you boys, now it’s the girls turn.” Autumn went first she turned into her werewolf form and went into the woods then came back with an elk. Alondra went next she grew her wings out she noticed that a girl had a scar on her chin so she went and healed it. Next went Nikki she used a power I never knew she had. She made an orange light in her hand she aimed it at a rock and it blew into little pebbles. She was shocked and so was everyone else. Sarina went after Nikki she turned into a baby tiger and she went to comfort the kids so they wouldn’t be so scared. Hannah went next she turned into a werewolf but she didn’t run instead she let the kids pet her. I went last I didn’t want to show them that I drain life from people so I asked Carlos to assist me. I need to do a psychic blast but I can’t do it on a kid because it could kill them. I wanted him to understand the kids are important. Ok but please don’t make it super strong. He seemed very worried about what I was about to do. No problem I’ll do a minor blast but those are kind of strong too.  Just not as strong as the major blast so you’re in luck. I tried to make him feel better about the whole situation. I concentrated my attack on him I cleared my head of any noise and I used my energy against him. When I opened my eyes he was getting off the ground. He seemed awfully angry like a crazy animal that was going rabid. I turned and ran into the woods without a single thought of turning around. I made it pretty far before I got the living daylights scared out of me. How many times are you going to try to run away from your problems? You’ll be the death of me if you don’t stop trying to run away from things that make you upset. Now he was holding me and his lips were touching my forehead. It felt so warm and I felt myself engulfed in his warmness. A weird lady was walking through the woods as we were cuddling, she had a strong aura. She walked so gracefully as if she were floating or flying. I know that she can sense what I am. Why won’t she just say it out loud? Those kids shouldn’t be out here by themselves. She seemed to be worried about me and Carlos why I don’t know. “Who are you? Why are you out here? What’s your purpose?” was she asking me or Carlos these questions or both.”If you’re a hybrid then what are you doing out here in the woods?” she waited a few minutes before she answered my question.” I just wanted to enjoy the beautiful view.” She seemed to be over-connected with nature almost like a pacifist. “What kind of hybrid are you? You seem very different than others that I’ve seen.” Her whole expression had changed when I asked her. “I’m a mixture of shape shifter, vampire, and werewolf. I also have telekinesis where I can move things with my mind, I’m fireproof, I can also go invisible, and I have telepathy where I am able to make you do my every wish.” She gave a slight quirky smile that totally threw me off. “Anything else I might need to know or...” she gave me the most twisted, weirdest, funniest look in history. “Just stay tuned and you’ll find out what you want to know.” She said in self-satisfactory and confidence. Carlos and I walked back towards the camp, when we got back we noticed the kids had already found a protector they wanted. Funny thing is that a lot of kids had chosen me and Carlos but they said we should stay together because it makes us stronger. I really like that idea I’ll do it if you do it. He was smiling his seductive smile towards me so I couldn’t resist. Ok but no tricks or pranks you’re the role model for the boys and me the girls. Sound fair enough to you if so we’ll shake on it. I smiled in satisfaction and he did as well and he did something that literally made me faint to my knees. He blew me a kiss and I’ve never fainted when someone blew me a kiss before I think it’s because I wasn’t prepared.” Omg Lexi are you okay? I didn’t mean for you to faint I meant for it to make you come and hug me I’m so sorry.” It was Carlos with the most scared expression I had ever seen.” Yeah, I was just off guard and plus a guy’s never did that to me before. The kids gasped in shock and worry, it made me feel weird and gooey.”Guys I’m fine, don’t worry about me Carlos do you feel that?” I gave him the most worried look I have ever given someone. ”Yeah I feel it it’s a strong dark aura, but from who?” he had the same worried look I had but even more so than me.”I see you two, ha ha ha can you see me though is the question.” It was a female voice all I have to do is track her and suck her energy from her. That would make me evil too though wouldn’t it? *THUD* Carlos had fell to the ground with not a single warning of where the attack came from. I had already tracked it though so she didn’t get a chance to strike at me. She must have noticed I knew where she was, because as I was about to attack her she leaped into the air and took flight. She left and did not come back so I figured she was gone for now at least. We had a lot of weird people stopping by lately, but that’s very rare around here. 
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